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Sisodia Rani Garden

The Symbol of love Sisodia Rani Garden ,

Sisodia Rani Garden, personifies the love of King Sawai Jai Singh towards his Queen Sisodia from Udaipur. In 1728, King Sawai Jai Singh built this beautiful garden which is located 10 Km from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra Highway road for his adorable wife. As the name suggest, the garden was named after his Queen Sisodia Jai Singh. The garden was entitled as the gateway for the Queen. The garden serves as the best example of nature’s beauty and elegance. A decade ago, the Queen of Jaipur used to relax herself in the lap of natural grace and incense by spending the glimpse from her life span. The garden is not only the perfect mode to connect oneself to the nature but also the never ending love of the great paramour Radha-Krishna.

The garden was built with respect to the Mughal architecture imbibed from the theme of unending and immortal lovers in the history of India, i.e. Radha-Krishna. The garden is themed on the lovers Radha- Krishna who are the symbol of eternal and undying lovers in Hindu Mythology. It is said that Lord Krishna enchants the whole world, but Goddess Radha enchants even the Lord Krishna. The Sisodia Rani Garden is filled with the fragrance of extensive and stupendous denotation of love and affection by the medium of the beautiful murals depicting scenes form the life of lord Radha-Krishna. The pavilions are painted the image of Radha-Krishna which is a treat to each and every visitor who appreciate and comprehend the love story of great Radha-Krishna. The garden is furnished with the images of exotic scenes of the great lovers Radha-Krishna which symbolizes the divine appearance in every visitor’s heart.

The garden is the perfect resonation of multi-level cold frame with fountains, water courses, painted pavilions and galleries. At that time, the garden acted as a treat for ladies from royal families and crowned heads dynasty.

The Sisodia Rani Garden was Considered

The garden was considered as the home for royal ladies who loved the seascape suddenness furnished with dazzling hardwood and softwood revelation of nature. The nature vision from the Sisodia Rani garden used to replenish the Queens by the ethereal illusions and prophecy of the same kind.

Centuries back, the garden used to provide the pleasing environment and a treat to the Queens when they wanted to be away from the political customs and practice of the palace. Many times, the king and the queen used to spend hours just sitting in the garden and pleasing themselves by the natures stunning and sublime glimpse. Sisodia garden is not only the symbol of love but also shares the view of surprising nature and pleasing affection between the king and the queen at one place. Centuries back, no one else was allowed in the garden. It was only the ladies of royal families and the king who were the part of the marvellous nature’s view. Presently, the garden is served to every visitor and tourist, who can feel the Johnson of the nature’s beauty with the eternal love between Radha-Krishna and the king and Queen of Jaipur. For tourist, after a tiring but beautiful visit to the monuments of Jaipur, this garden acts like the refreshing treat for them filled with royal love and affection shared centuries ago by the king and the queen of Jaipur.

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