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Sisodia Rani Palace

The pink city has many lush green gardens. When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ruled, he planned the city and maintained many gardens in the city. The garden has many flowerbeds, fountains and several galleries, a statue of Lord Krishna, pavilions, and big green and shady trees. The charm increases as more visits are registered by peacocks and monkeys. The view during the sunset is awesome in the garden. The garden is decorated with abundant trees, fountains, and beautifully painted pavilions.  It is a myth that Jaipur is a barren city as it is situated near the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. But if one visits Jaipur, then he will find that this is not at all true. There are several parks and gardens in Jaipur, which adds beauty to the pink city by its lustrous green grass, tall shady trees and beautiful flowers, purifying the air as well.

Sisodia Rani Palace garden is situated 10 kms away from the Pink City on the Jaipur Agra Road. This garden was created by Maharaja Sawai Singh in the year 1728, for his second queen who was a princess from Sisodia clan of Udaipur. This garden is fully built in Royal Style. The garden has royal residences and green lawns in it. This is one of the largest gardens in Jaipur.One of the hallmarks of Islamic gardens is the four-part garden laid out with axial walkways that intersect in the garden center. This highly structured geometrical scheme, called the char bagh, became a powerful metaphor for the organization and domestication of the landscape, itself it is a symbol of political territory.

The park is one of the tourist attractions in Jaipur. These areas provide a best place to spend some good time and to be in contact with nature. The chirps of the birds seems soothing to ears. This is one of the oldest parks. One must visit this park while visiting Jaipur. Its beauty is retained till date and large number of tourists comes here on daily basis. Government has taken many steps for the maintenance of these parks and retained their beauty and fragrance. Thus, when on a holiday to the Pink City, make sure to pay visit to the parks and gardens in Jaipur. The tranquil atmosphere, the soft green grass and colorful flowers make them some of the most romantic spots of the city. The garden is well maintained and gives the natural beauty. The scene of the sunset from the garden gives new thoughts to poets, authors and inspiration to lovers.

Love of Radha – Krishna is shown on various beautiful murals and paintings which are made on the walls of the garden and palace. The Rajput paintings of that time shows the Mughal influence. The paintings of ancient times in the Royal Rajput Palaces shows the beauty, dignity and glory enjoyed by the Maharajas, Maharanis and the royal families of that time. The style of cultural legacy of Jaipur is adopted from that of Amber or we can say that the Amber style developed and increased and become the cultural style Jaipur. The past of paintings of Rajasthan can be traced from the earlier 18th century when the painting style of Rajasthan started taking its place and shape.

This garden is also famous in Bollywood terms. “Lamhe” movie is shot here in the year 1991 in which Anil Kapoor visited this palace. This garden fully accomplishes the conventional Indian architecture. This garden shows a colorful vibrancy of nature. The garden also offers a pleasant greenery of the city. The palace is also situated in this garden on the second floor.

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