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Govind Dev ji

Govind Dev ji

As the name suggests, this temple is of Lord Govind Dev ji –

The original idol of Lord Goivnd Dev ji was found by the follower of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu named Roop Goswami about 450 years ago. It is said that Maharaja Sawai Jai singh installed the idol after it was brought from Vrindavan when Mughal ruler Aurangzeb tried to destroy it. After that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh built his new palace ‘Chandra Mahal’ in front of it so that the first thing in the morning he could do is to take blessings of the lord.

Govind Dev ji temple gets open seven times a day for people to offer worship as well as for ‘aartis’ and ‘bhogs’. Every time the doors get open, you can see idols of lord in different clothes, long garlands and beautiful jewellery. You can hear soothing songs offered to lord called “bhajans”, the atmosphere of this place is so peaceful and relaxing that you forget all you worries for that moment of time.

Govind dev ji temple in Guinness World Records

Govind dev ji temple is Included in Guinness World Records for his  “The Worlds' Widest  R.C.C. Flat Roof Construction With A Single Span of 119 Feet.”

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