City Palace

Deen Dayal Park

The pink city has many lush green gardens. When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ruled, he planned the city and maintained many gardens in the city. The garden has many flowerbeds, fountains and several galleries, a statue of Lord Krishna, pavilions, and big green and shady trees.

 The charm increases as more visits are registered by peacocks and monkeys. The view during the sunset is awesome in the garden. The garden is decorated with abundant trees, fountains, and beautifully painted pavilions. The garden was built before the foundation of Jaipur was laid, during the sovereignty of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II when Amber was the capital.

It is a myth that Jaipur is a barren city as it is situated near the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. But if one visits Jaipur, then he will find that this is not at all true. There are several parks and gardens in Jaipur, which adds beauty to the pink city by its lustrous green grass, tall shady trees and beautiful flowers, purifying the air as well.

The park is one of the tourist attractions in Jaipur. These areas provide a best place to spend some good time and to be in contact with nature. The chirps of the birds seems soothing to ears. This is one of the oldest park, among the major attractions in City palace. One must visit this park while visiting City palace. Its beauty is retained till date and large number of tourists comes here on daily basis. Government has taken many steps for the maintenance of these parks and retained their beauty and fragrance. This garden has a beautiful temple made of stone and marble.

Besides this, the other parks and gardens in Jaipur that are worth paying a visit include Vidyadhar Gardens, Ram Niwas Bagh and others.

Thus, when on a holiday to the Pink City, make sure to pay visit to the parks and gardens in Jaipur. The tranquil atmosphere, the soft green grass and colorful flowers make them some of the most romantic spots of the city.

The garden is well maintained and gives the view of lakes and natural beauty. It also comprises of the Sunset Point, which is the best place to watch the sunset barring from the City palace. Behind the Aravali ranges, the sun sets in all its shining glory and you can see the calmness of the sky. The scene of the sunset from the garden gives new thoughts to poets, authors and inspiration to lovers.

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