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Buildings Reborn

In Jaipur's famous Parkota area ancient and historic buildings are being reconstructed and brought back to life even as we speak. Meticulous care is being taken to rebuild the broken parts of these buildings, skilled worksmen and high quality red brick material are being employed to lend new shape to this rich cultural heritage of Jaipur.

A while ago due to the laxity of the government and the ease with which some people took on the work of reconstruction, Parkota's markets were rebuilt by less quality cement. But now the construction work being done takes particular note of Jaipur's culture and tradition. The Parkota art is so beautiful to behold that even outside the purview of the Parkota area there has been an attempt to capture this style in the construction of many buildings around Jaipur. We can see this specially in the construction and design of the hotels in Jaipur. The Jaipur Railway Junction also seems to be an imitation of the Parkota building design.

To see the preservation of a style of art is not only a relief for the people of Jaipur but is also a matter of pride to them. Similarly, it is a matter of great interest to the tourist to Jaipur to see the preservation and flourishing of the Parkota art form.

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