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JDA’s Gift to the City

– Two big projects finished
Agra tunnel and Ramniwas Bagh parking work finished

JDA has finished two much awaited projects in the cit and has given a Diwali gift to the people of Jaipur. Both the Agra tunnel and Ramniwas Bagh parking work have been finished till the first week of November.

Benefit :

Both the projects will greatly improve transport in the city. Parkota's increasing parking troubles would be solved by the double storied parking space built at Ramniwas Bagh and the traffic jam at Ghat ki Goondi would dissolve with the completion of the Agra tunnel for people going to Agra taking that route.

With the completion of two big projects of the city, the people of Jaipur have been gifted with a Diwali present. These projects will be very useful in solving the transport problems of the city as well as enhancing its beautification And the Bulldozer went on and on and on!

The 1st of November saw fireworks at the Transport Nagar crossroad courtesy the JCB in Jaipur. The work took off by demolishing 49 houses and clearing the way for the tunnel construction to begin on the site. In the process houses made on both sides of the Transport Nagar highway were brought down by bulldozers working constantly on them for 14 hours. In order to expand the road to Jawahar Nagar, buildings were smashed to dust. To start the construction of the Agra tunnel, this was the JDA's illegitimate construction removal procedure and this was started with full fervour. The tunnel work is et to be completed. In it jet fans, lights, a control room, a fire fighting system, cameras, a toll plaza and sensors have already been positioned. Besides both sides of the road, 100 feet extra concrete is being added to increase the width of the tunnel. Besides this, on the Jagatpura tricircle a proposal is underway to build a four way crossroad to ensure smooth flow of traffic to Agra, Jagatpura and Goner.

JDA appointed Kuldeep Raka surveyed the project from time to time and consulted the people about it to take their suggestions. The other project, that of the double storied parking space at Ramniwas Bagh, once completed, stood waiting for traffic from M.I. Road. To ensure a smooth transference of this traffic from M.I. Road to the newly constructed Ramniwas Bagh parking space, the traffic was monitored and bifurcated accordingly. Plans were made in accordance with keeping the area green and clean. To get out of the parking, staircases were made in 10 places and a heritage look is being given to the parking lot. It is being proposed to join Ramlila grounds to the Ramniwas Parking Lot.

After the successful completion of these two projects the JDA is now actively pursuing lending finishing touches to the two projects. It is working hard to give these two beautiful landscape enhancing projects to the city.

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