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When will the dream of rope-way be fulfilled?

It seems that the dream of rope-way in jaipur will always remain a dream.After some development in the first rope-way in eleven years,the engaged company is now getting rid of it.A green signal is already given by the empowered committee of supreme court two months ago for the proposed 1.5 km rope-way between kanak Vrandavan to Jaigarh-Nahargarh.Then the engaged company had to write a formal proposal according to The Forest Conservation Act and was to be sent to the Forest Department for permission. JDA has contacted  the  management of the company several times, but each time nothing was assured. In such conditions other formalities have been also pending. JDA is now prepared to take tough steps against the company. Possibility is there that the company’s bank guarantee is forfeited .Ministry of Environment and Forests under the National Wildlife Board conditional approval of the Standing Committee JDA nearly a year after the Supreme Court had applied. BOT (Built – Operate – Transfer) based on the proposed project is currently valued at an estimated cost of Rs 17.50 crore

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