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Unsafe City-Delhi

The recent Delhi-Gang Rape Case has affected the placement cell, where girls have denied jobs in Delhi. Recently a B.Tech student from IIT Guwahati got a placement with a package of INR 7.5 in an MNC in Delhi. Yet, she declined the job offer, although after rejecting this job offer, she will not be able to appear for further job interviews.

Delhi Gang Rape Case is not the first gang rape case, but this horrific act has shaken the country into rumors, and the girls are now opting for jobs in safer cities and declining Delhi as the option. The student reported that one of her friends is a resident of Vasant Vihar, Delhi. She feels scared and unsafe to step out after sunset when the place is so risky for the people living there then how can I feel safe living there hence I have decided not to go with the offer.

Also, many students, given an option for the cities between Delhi and Mumbai, have opted for Mumbai. And have asked that they would like to avoid Delhi and go for Mumbai.

Career is remarkable but on the cost of living?

The youth is becoming aware and intelligent; the girls have to make smart decisions and help themselves till the government and the police turn up to their help and safety.

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