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Maharaja Padmanabha Worshiped Dussehra Puja

Dussehra festival organized at City Palace
 Jaipur, 25 October. Like every year the Dashara festival was celebrated at city palace with royal tradition. After the dearth of His Haines Maharaja Sawae Bhawani Singh it was the first time when the present His Haines Maharaja Padmanabha Singh duly fulfilled the duties of royal family and done Dashara puja.  The celebration was started after mid day with shastra pujan (arms worship)  at 3.45pm. Maharaja Sawai Padmanbhan performed the worship of the royal family’s ancient traditional weapons and rajchina ( royal’s symbol) at the city palace’s chandra mahal courtyard. At 4.45pm in the courtyard of Sarwatobhadra, Maharaja duly worships the majestic emperor vehicles, horses, buggies, carriages, sedan, elephants etc. after this he worshiped the neelkanth bird. Then he left the city palace and reached at vijaybagh dashara kothi along with dashara procession. At the vijay bagh, dashara kothi Maharaja Sawae Padmanbhan Singh worshiped the dashmi pujan. After Dashami worship the procession again returned to the city palace. Maharaja then worships the Thakur ji, Sita Wallabh Ji at sirhdyodi door and entered in the city palace. On this occasion all the Thikanedar and Jagirdar of Jaipur state were presented in their traditional costume. Maharaja Padmanabha said” I used to present along with late Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh in all religious worships that is why I was well aware of Dashara worship.  On this occasion, I wish all of people to a happy dashara festival.

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