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Auction may fulfill expectation

Jaipur Development Authority may gets happy again on Wednesday. The plot of the second land near the 22 gaudam pulia will be auctioned on the day.  The JDA estimated revenue of over Rs 100 crore for this. The last days of the auction adjacent to this other land,  JDA  generated  rs.235 crore, which was the largest auction in the history of JDA. JDA Director (Finance) D.C. Javdha said the total area of the auctions of plot no. 3 is 6470.23 square meters.

D.C. Javdha told that the minimum selling price of the plot is 1 lakh 25 thousand per square meter is placed. Commercial land, Mix Use, for group housing FAR FAR is 3.25 and for the hotel use is 4.0 is permissible. Up to a maximum height of 200 feet will be built on the plot. The maximum covered area or 40 percent, whichever is lower under setback would be permissible.

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