With more than 30,000 tests every day; special attention on increasing recovery ratio and reducing mortality rate.

More than 30,000 tests are done every day; special attention on increasing recovery ratio and reducing mortality rate.

Jaipur, August 10, 2020. Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said that daily more than 30,000 corona tests are done in the State. The State Government is continuously increasing the testing capacity and testing numbers in the State. He said that special attention is being paid on making the recovery ratio better and continuously declining the mortality rate in the State.

Dr. Sharma said that the Government’s intention is to bring the fatality rate due to corona to zero, for which all possible efforts are being done. He said the best part was that in July-August, the fatality rate in the State came down up to 1%. At present, the mortality rate due to corona is 1.5%. He said that it is also being reduced through plasma therapy and live-saving injections.

The Health Minister said that the Government is alert and cautious to prevent corona. A meeting of the managers of the private hospitals with the Chief Secretary is proposed to ensure the better treatment to COVID patients in private hospitals of the capital. He said that facilities for the patients at RUHS hospital will be increased. He said that 1300 new ventilators have been procured for better treatment of patients. Although there is no dearth of ventilators with the State Government, with the increase in positive cases, these ventilators will be very useful.

The Health Minister said that if people linked with the National Food Security Scheme are found corona positive in the State and if they want treatment in any private hospital, then the Government would reimburse the entire cost of treatment. He said that more than 26,000 people from abroad have come to Rajasthan under Vande Bharat, of which around 19,000 people are kept in government quarantine.

ICMR to reconsider Antigen Test

The Health Minister said that the antigen tests being conducted by the Central Government are not completely accurate. He said a Korean Company that has been authorized by the ICMR for antigen test has not given a reply to the demand made by the State Government for the kits. Through a private hospital in the interest of the public, testing was done by taking 200 antigen kits. Out of 111 tests identified positive through RT-PCR test, 57 were declared negative by antigen tests, and only 57 patients were declared positive.

Dr. Sharma said that the failure of antigen tests is a matter of concern. Antigen tests are being done extensively across the country. The Government has written to the ICMR questioning the reliability of the antigen tests, saying the accuracy of the antigen test in the State is only 48%. In such a situation, the ICMR should reconsider this test.

People will be made aware to donate Plasma

The Health Minister said that Plasma Therapy is proving to be an effective treatment method for serious corona patients. The people who have defeated corona can play an important role in giving life to other patients. He said that more and more people will be inspired to donate plasma by making them aware of plasma donation.

Appeal to General Public

The Health Minister once again appealing to the general public said that till now, complete treatment or vaccine had been found for corona, so corona can be defeated only by taking precautions. He said that the Government is not leaving any stone unturned at its level but the general public too by keeping in mind the corona protocol has to follow the rules such as putting on masks, avoiding crowds, and frequently washing hands with soap.

Source - Press Release
Date: August 10, 2020
ID: 209533


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