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The Magnificent Mandalgarh Fort in Bhilwara

Bhilwara, also eminent as the “Textile metropolis of India”, is one of the renowned industrialized metropolises in the state of Rajasthan. Situated on the western side of Rajasthan, the city of Bhilwara is connected to all chief metropolises in India. In essence, Bhilwara is a region of substantial chronological connotation. Mandalgarh fort is one amongst the most gorgeous forts in Rajasthan. This fort is known for its well-built edifice and is a fortification of significant historic connotation. It is a must visit spot for tourists during their visit to the beautiful state of Rajasthan. Mandalgarh fort is the 3rd fortification of Mewar (other 2 being the Chittoragarh & Kumbhalgarh respectively) that was assumed to be established by “Rana Kumbha”. Mandalgarh fort is about 1 km in length and 1850 feet tall that’s above the ocean level. A low fortification wall and fortresses surround the summit of the mount on which the famous Mandalgarh fort is placed. As you would expect, Mandalgarh fort was much protected and is one of the primeval Forts of Mewar region. This fort is believed to be over 2100 years old. One can spot countless temples in this area. This Fort looks stunning and the cascades here are breathtaking during spring season of the year.

Location of Mandalgarh Fort:

Mandalgarh fort is placed at a distance of approximately 250 Km from the pink city of Jaipur. This fort is positioned at a distance of about 52 km southeast from the city of Bhilwara. An alternative route between Menal & Bijolia will take the visitors to the famous Mandalgarh fort. Bhilwara is a high-flying business hub of Mewar. Hence, it is a mid station of “Ajmer -Chittor railway” and is positioned on “Nh-4 Highway” amid Kothari & Banas Rivers.

Founder of Mandalgarh Fort:

Mandalgarh Fort is assumed to be constructed by “Rana Kumbha”. There is one more allege that this fort to have been constructed by a ruler of the “Balnote Clan” of the heroic Rajputs.

The Olden times of Bhilwara:

Bhilwara is placed at a distance of around 600 km from India’s chief metropolis, Delhi. The city of Bhilwara has acquired its name from the legitimacy that the township was vastly occupied by a group of people known as “Bhils” in the past. According to the ancient Chronological description, it is believed that Bhilwara town was found at some stage in 11th century, at the same time when a “Bhil” tribe constructed a shrine for Lord Shiva at the region of the “Jataun ka Mandir”. Around 1858, a ferocious combat between British and celebrated revolutionist “Tantya Tope” occurred at the ‘Sanagner’ rural community in Bhilwara city. From then on, the city of Bhilwara became well-linked via railways. In fact, Bhilwara began to thrive from that point onwards.

Facts about Past History:

As said by the Muslim historians, Bhilwara, the terra firma of bravery and forfeit is a historically significant city that has observed a lot of ferocious combats throughout the medieval periods. Bhilwara was conquered by “Mahmud Khil ji” of Malwa for two times in the midst of 15th Century A.D. From then on, this city was under supremacy of the “Ranas” of Mewar and mighty Mughal monarchs. Around 1650 A.D, the famous Mughal sovereign Shah Jahan endowed it to “Raja Roop Singh” of kishangarh, who partly established a fortress at this place. However, Rana Raj Singh re-conquered it again in 1660 A.D. In the midst of 1680 A.D, the Mughals conquered the fort and offered it to ‘Jhujar Singh’, the leader of ‘Pisangan’ in 1700 A.D. In 1706 A.D, the fort was re-conquered by “Rana Amar Singh”. From that point onwards, it continued to be a never-ending ownership of Rana Amar Singh’s heirs. Mandalgarh Fort dwells an ancient Jaleshwar Temple that dates back to 1562 A.D. It also houses one more shrine that is devoted to God Shiva.

Ways of transportation to Mandalgarh Fort in Bhilwara:

Air: The Dabok Airport at Udaipur is the closest airports to Mandalgarh Fort in Bhilwara. The Dabok Airport is placed at a distance of around 160 km from Bhilwara. The Jaipur airport is the 2nd closest airport to reach Mandalgarh Fort. This is placed at a distance of around 130 km from Ajmer city, which is sequentially positioned at a distance around 50 km from Bhilwara.

Train: There is a meter gauge railway line that links both Ajmer & Khandwa. It traverses the Bhilwara region. An expansive gauge line has also been constructed from the city of Kota to Chittorgarh. This railway line traverses Bhilwara at Mandalgarh.

Bus: Since Mandalgarh Fort is placed in close proximity to the “National Highway” that links Jaipur and Udaipur, this place can be easily reached by taking a bus ride from most of the chief cities in Rajasthan.

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