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Mount Abu Winter Festival

Mesmerizing Mount Abu Winter Festival in Rajasthan

Mount Abu was the dwelling of numerous sages and saints in the olden times. The record of Mount Abu is as assorted as the city. Mount Abu was formerly an element of the Chauhan kingdom of Rajasthan. This city has doled out as a summer remedy for the brave Rajput Maharajas of the province. Subsequently, the region of Mount Abu was rented by the the British government from Sirohi Maharaja and was used as a headquarters of the occupant to Rajputana (one more name for Rajasthan).

Devotional significance of Mount Abu:

According to the old fables, all the 330 million deitites and divinities of the Hindu pantheon have been believed to visit the sacred mountain of Mount Abu. Also, Mount Abu is a destination where the noble saints like Vashishth existed. He also performed a “Yagna” (sacrificial reverence on a fire pit) to generate 4 Agnikula (4 fire clans) to defend the earth from evil spirits. The yagna was believed to have been performed in close proximity to a natural spring, which materialized from the head of a cow that is shaped like a rock. In accordance with one more legend, some time ago, the cow named Nandini (saint Vashishth cow) was ensnared in a deep canyon and could get out of it. So, the sage requested Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva sent River Saraswati, the divine torrent to help overflow the ravine so that cow Nandhini could come up to the surface. Later, saint Vashishth decided to make sure that such calamities did not take place in future. He requested Himalaya's youngest son, the sovereign of mountains to fill the gulf eternally. He performed this action with the help of Arbud, the forceful snake. This place was then named as “Mount Arbud” and later got changed in its current name the Mount Abu. This mountain is held in admiration by Jains and because Jain scriptures document that Lord Mahavira, the 24th Jain Tirthankar (religious chief), also payed a visit to Mount Abu and sanctified the town.

Mount Abu Festival:

Every year, Mount Abu Winter Festival is conducted at some stage in the final week of December. This festival commemorates the love and cheeriness of the citizens of this picturesque hill station, who greet the voyagers from the bottom of their hearts. Voyagers are greeted to Mount Abu with cordial invite during this festival and people show immense keenness and they rejoice the festival with great bliss and contentment. This 3-day vibrant festival is organized by the “Rajasthan Tourism & Municipal Board” of Mount Abu.

The generosity, kindness and warmth of the locals, their vivid culture and striking setting make this festival an unforgettable experience in life. Mount Abu winter festival starts with a ritual procession, which begins from “RTDC Hotel Shikhar”. The parade meets at the Nakki Lake Chowk. This is then followed by several, mind blowing folk performances of talented folk artistes from Rajasthan, Punjab Haryana and Gujarat. People can also rejoice a Boat Race, band Show, Panihari Matka Race, Mehandi Mandana, Skating Race, Musical Chair Race, Tug of War between far-off Tourists and local visitors, Deepotsav and finally, the Fireworks are very eye-catching to gaze at and take part. The grand finale of the Mount Abu festival is made luminous by an exhibition of astounding fireworks all the 3 days.


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