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Kumbhalgarh Festival 2014 in Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh fort was built in the 15th century by Maharana kumbha of Mewar in one of numerous measures to guard his kingdom from enemies. Kumbhalgarh festival that is celebrated in a sophisticated level in the state of Rajasthan amasses a lot of premium performing artists of India with Classical Dance Recitals estranged the milieu of the dazzling fortress. The major Significance of Kumbhalgarh festival is to prop up Kumbhalgarh as a tradition area. The time of celebration of Kumbhalgarh festival will be during the winter season of the year.

Program schedule:

Mainly, the festival is split into daytime and twilight part. The daytime focuses on the folk performances by the gifted folk artists of Rajasthan and also an assortment of interesting competitions will be held for the sightseers. The tour will also take the tourists and visitors through the voyage around Rajasthan “Land of Kingdoms” to experience the diversity of Rajasthan by traveling around the populace, rituals, culture, attires, music, etiquette, language, cookery & physiographic. In the midst of the highlights of Kumbhalgarh festival striking dance performance by neighboring artists will receive absolute support and audience give a big round of applause as well. A number of games such as tug of war, musical chairs and some other games are also organized for small kids.

Festive Atmosphere:

The Festival land is balanced on top of one of the utmost peaks of the Aravalis hill, at about 1014 meters on top of ocean level. The medieval stronghold of kumbhalgarh seems to have been lightened up and turn out to be sparkling with the performance of India’s premium musicians and drama artists. The whole area seems to have been chosen right out from a book of fairy tales. In essence, kumbhalgarh festival is instigated by Rajasthan tourism to endorse heritage goal of Kumbhalgarh as well as to endorse the arts & culture. The festival gathers a lot of finest classical musicians of India and other talented artists. The festival also acts a showcase for well known dancers.


Festival highlights take in dance performance by neighboring artists, in which the new brave audience members are cheered to participate too. The guests can partake in tug of war and musical chairs the both gigantic attractions for kids. The Kumbhalgarh fort is getting imposing and incredible in the day time. However, in the night time, it glows in yellow light that gives its frontage a golden glow and the fort makes an eye-catching spectacle view. The size of the fort is gigantic and is proficient enough to lodge many people within the grounds. Hence, a great number of peoples will get the opportunity to take pleasure in this tremendous work of structural design.

The orthodox Festival is along the lines of the Maharana Kumbah’s commitment to encourage art, who was benefactor of Indian martial & fine arts, building and knowledge. The Historical place of Kumbhalgarh and its fort is getting more and more popular through Kumbhalgarh Festival that starts from January 28th to 30th of the year 2014. A variety of social, cultural and amusing event will be conducted on this juncture.

The program is divided into two parts on each day. In the day time, events such as competitions, workshops and much more will be conducted whereas during twilight, cultural programs such as music & dance performances by folk & traditional artists will be organized. If you have plans to visit Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh and close by areas, grab the chance to be element of this fun filled festival. You will reach Kumbalgarh by taking a 2 hours drive from Udaipur city.

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