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Kankroli in Rajsamand

Kankroli is a city positioned in the locality of Rajsamand in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is placed at about forty miles (64 km) northern side of Udaipur. Kankroli outlines a twin city with the district of Rajsamand. Rajsamand is well-known for the Rajsamand Lake that was constructed by the great Maharaja Rajsingh. Down the Rajsamand Lake there is a fine-looking shrine known as “Dwarikadheesh Temple”. In point of fact, Kankroli is the chief conurbation in Rajsamand that is placed 2 km from Rajnagar at the NH-8 highway from Udaipur to Ajmer.

Since, Kankroli is a petite town that is placed at a distance of about 65 kms from the metropolis of Udaipur; it is chiefly recognized for its shrine, which is placed on the banks of the famous Rajsamand Lake. Kankroli Temple is prevalently known as shrine of Dwarikadhish. Dwarikadhish is one of the forms of deity Krishna. Dwarikadhish is the most noteworthy temple of the “Vaishnavas & Vallabhacharya” division. The principal divinity of Kankroli temple is assumed to have brought in from the Mathura, the native land of God Krishna. In essence, the statue of Lord Dwarikadhish was brought in the year 1671 A.D., at the time of Maharana Raj Singh’s ruling. The statue was positioned in the current temple, which was built at the time of the opening ceremonial of the beautiful “Rajsamand Lake” in the year 1676 A.D. Respected Bal Krishna Ji, the grandson of Shri Vallabhacharya, endeavored the proposal to take note of the divinity. From the time onwards, Kankroli Temple is the 3rd peeth (spiritual shrine) of Vaishnav religion as “Pushtimarg” (path to achievement).

In fact, Kankroli Temple shall certainly strike a chord of the well-known Nathdwara temple to the visitors. Dwarikadhish Temple has a calm and serene environment. The temple actually eradicates the stress and tensions of the tourists immediately and gives them a wonderful ecstasy. In the complex of the Temple, there is a small garden where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Tourists may also stumble upon a library that boasts a gigantic anthology of exclusive ancient books. Kankroli Temple has also preserved a superb band group. Kankroli temple is the largest shrine of God Dwarikadhish that ranks top among all the shrines of Shri Vallabhacharya. In addition, Dwarkadheesh Temple bestows a serene view of the soothing and peaceful Rajsamand Lake. Once a year, tourists and visitors arrive here to visit this beautiful temple from all over India in huge numbers. Tourists who visit Udaipur should definitely visit this temple of Dwarikadhish, to obtain the consents of God Dwarikadhish.

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