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Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temple in New Delhi, India

The edifice of Laxmi Narayan temple is devoted to Lord Laxmi Narayana. The construction begun around 1933and was actually built by an entrepreneur and philanthropist named Baldeo Das Birla and by his own son Jugal Kishore Birla of Birla family. Hence, the temple is also referred to as the famous Birla Temple. This 3-storied shrine is constructed in the “Nagara style” of the Hindu temple architecture. The whole shrine is decorated with carvings that symbolize the panoramas from the olden Hindu legends. Over 100 experienced artisans from Benares, led by the expert Acharya Vishvanath Shastri, shaped and created the idols of the Laxmi Narayan temple. The peak shikhara of the shrine above the sanctum sanctorum is elevated up to 160 feet. The temple is created in such a way that it faces the eastern side and is placed on a raised platform. Laxmi narayan temple is decorated with amazing fresco paintings that represents his life and work. The idols of the temple are made out of marbles that are fetched from Jaipur. The Kota stones from Makarana, Kota, Jaisalmer and Agra were also used in the edifice of the temple property. In the Northen side of the temple, the Geeta Bhawan is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The artificial panorama and flowing cascades promote the exquisiteness of this shrine. In point of fact, this well-known temple is believed to have been inaugurated by the father of the nation “Mahatma Gandhi” in the year 1939. The shrine extends up to an area of more or less 7.5 acres. The total built up area is almost 0.52 acres.

Arriving at Laxmi Narayan temple:

The Laxmi Narayan temple is located on the Mandir Marg that is situated on the west of Connaught Place in the New Delhi. A traveler can easily reach the temple from the city either by local buses, auto-rickshaws or by taxis. The closest possible Delhi Metro station would be at R.K.Ashram Marg that is placed more or less 2 km from there. In addition, the New Delhi Kalibari is placed on the same road. The famous Lakshmi Narayan temple is suitably placed for the voyagers to reach the place by taxis, auto rickshaws or local buses from various points of New Delhi.

Safety measures:

The temple always maintains tight security arrangements in the region of Laxmi Narayan temple. For the safety of the devotees’ cameras, belongings and cell phones are not permitted inside the temple premises. Visitors may not be able to take cash and jewelries with them inside the temple. The temple committee has installed around sixteen CCTV cameras in order to closely watch every single movement of devotees. Also, there are 2 metal detectors always in function in an attempt to limit the access of discarded objects such as gun, bomb, knife, and so on.

Travel guidelines:

Even though the bag, cameras and cell phones are not permitted inside the temple premises, devotees have the privilege to take a personal diary with him or her in an attempt to maintain a total documentation of the journey together with his or her feelings at that point in time.

Best time to Visit Laxmi Narayan temple:

The best to visit Laxmi Narayan temple will be during the morning & evening Aarti to the deity. The best time to visit this temple would be in the month of February & April or from the August till November.

Interesting Places to visit near Laxmi Narayan temple:

The structural design of this temple is based on the “Oriyan” style of building. The Laxmi Narayan temple has a prayer hall, Dharamshala and also a refreshing park. This unwinding park has the statues of Lt. Sir B. R. Birla and also the horses & Rath which are created out of marble. The LaxmiNarayan temple has acquired the maximum level of exquisiteness by non-natural landscape and flowing cascades. The main temple has the deities of Laxminarayan along with other gods and goddesses which are also made up of marble exclusively from Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. This temple has a lot of shrines devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Gautam Buddha ad Goddess Durga. Also, the temple has amazing fountains, a huge garden and a Geeta Bhawan in the surrounding area.

Dharamshala near the temple:

One can spot a Dharamshala within the temple vicinity. Devotees can always stay at this Dharamshala as it is less expensive when you match up to the other high end hotels. Devotees can safely keep their belongings in this Dharamshala as it is always a safe and suitable place. Also, lodging is available in the guest house of temple for the scholars who have gained knowledge in Sanskrit language or in Hindu religious conviction.

Other places to stay:

Generally, devotees also prefer to stay at the hotels located near Lakshminarayan temple which offer sumptuousness to them. Some of the popular hotels to list out would be Hotel Western King, Hotel Grand Westend, Radisson BLU Hotel, Hotel City Park and R.R. Residency.

Celebrations at the temple:

A huge number of devotees can be found at this temple during the auspicious days like Diwali, Janmashtami, Navratri and Ram Navami. These festivals are celebrated with immense bhakthi, happiness and keenness. These festivals symbolize the factual devotion of the devotees towards the divinity.

Other must visit places and reasons to visit:

During a trip to Laxmi Narayan temple in Delhi, one must also visit some other must-see tourist attraction places that are nearby the Birla Mandir in New Delhi. They are:

  1. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi: Bangla Sahib Grudwara is supposed to be the principal Gurudwara in Delhi. This Gurudhwara has a sarovar and an Art gallery in its surrounding area.
  2. The Talkatora Stadium: The Talkatora Stadium is an indoor stadium. This stadium can provide room for about 3,000 people in a given point of time!!!! This stadium is a place where a lot of sports event are conducted all over the year.
  3. In addition to the above said places, India Gate, Jantar Mantar and Hanuman Mandir are also the must see places that are in close proximity to the Laxmi Narayan or Birla mandir of New Delhi.

Hope this article has given readers a better insight about the great Laxmi Narayan temple in New Delhi.

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