Bikaner Camel Festival in the month of January

A vivacious and multi-colored event, the Bikaner Camel Festival is organized by the Tourism Department, Art & Culture, in Bikaner once a year. January is simply the ideal month for an arid region extravaganza, and Bikaner is just the perfect destination to watch the ships of the barren region. In the camel kingdom Bikaner, these desolate tract camels drag weighty cartloads, transport grain and even work at the wells. The Camel Festival starts with a vivid parade of decorated camels alongside the red sandstone background of the Junagarh Fort, the celebration progresses to the open sand-spreads of the lands, subsequent to the most excellent breed contest, the tug-of-war competition, acrobatics, camel dance, and so on.

The camels exhibit remarkable footwork, dancing elegantly to the smallest amount guidance of its trainers. Bridal, bejeweled necks, bridles, tinkling anklets and extensive, gangling camel shadow on shadowy sands shed a miraculous spell. Hundreds of voyagers and 1000s of residents and VIPs raise the roof in this man-and-animal business that is organized particularly for the sightseers.

Celebrations and contests:

The small rural community of Ladera in Bikaner turns out to be the location of the 2-day and night Bikaner Camel Festival in each January. Camels attract tourists from different parts of the world with their graceful movements, allure and elegance. People from different parts of the globe visit India to take a vision of the Festival where the camel owners gather together to boast their camels. A celebration when the ships of the wasteland are viewed at their best.

Being organized by the Tourism Department of Bikaner Camel Festival is gala of Art & Culture. The Folk dances and Music of the arid region append to what is otherwise a special camel affair. A contest for finest festooned camel, camel milking, fur cutting design and the most excellent camel hair cut is planned on the occasion of the camel festival. The camels exhibit incredible footwork, dancing elegantly to the least direction of their trainers. Visitors can take pleasure in the unique camel performances such as, camel dances, camel races, and the jarring neck quivering camel rides.

Special Food:

As a feast of the festival, special tea & sweets made out of the camel milk are distributed to the visitors are fascinated to taste them. Therefore take pleasure in the glossy traditions of Rajasthan while rejoicing the modest camel, ship of desert at the Bikaner camel Fair.

Evening merriment:

The evenings of the festival end with a diverse drift and rhythm overall: a long-established tryst of well-known artistes of Rajasthan and the neighboring folk performers. The ecstatic skirt-twirling dancers, the breathtaking fire dance, and the incredible fireworks illuminate the equipped desert conurbation of Bikaner.

The city of Bikaner is well linked through train or on road with all the chief cities. The next-door airport to reach Bikaner is at Jodhpur (at about 243 kms away).

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