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Udaipur Greets visitors for second edition of World Living Heritage Carnival

On March 13th to March16th, 2014, the City palace of Udaipur was festooned for the magnificent merriment of the 2nd edition of the “World Living Heritage Festival” to lay the torch of the living Heritage of Mewar lightened up. Based on the notion of the “Arvind Singh Mewar”, the Mewar Charitable Foundation Maharana, city of Udaipur conducted the event in collaboration with UNESCO, New Delhi. Steered ahead for the grounds of inheritance preservation, the Maharana of the Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur will systematize the 2nd edition of the “World Living Heritage Festival (WLHF)” 2014, from 13 to 16th March, in collaboration with UNESCO, New Delhi. The festival is based on Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th guardian of the Mewar Empire and the 1st in the series was in custody in November 2012.

The crowned heads of Udaipur have always taken the accountability of conserving the amazing tangible and insubstantial cultural heritage of former Mewar very critically. So as to execute this vast responsibility and conserve the legacy we are proud of for generation that tag on, this exceptional 4-day-long celebration is commemorated. This is the 2nd time when the carnival is being organized.

Massive Celebration:

The celebration begins with Rang, a festivity of time-honored, revived and personalized Art and craft forms of Mewar. This is organized annually before the propitious day of Holi (the carnival of colors). Udaipur seminars, entity and organizations, the event maps out craftspeople practicing traditional art & craft forms and try and teach them to coalesce their craft with modern and present-day style, creating new explanation of prehistoric art & craft forms practiced in Mewar. Mergign craftspeople together in an interactive three day workshop, the even have a shot to cultivate talent and strengthen the significance of significant forms of art and craft and the potentials of innovative developments in the field. The workshop promotes benefaction through considerate elucidation, an outstanding goal of the Maharana of “Mewar Charitable foundation (MMCF)” as a division of Heritage preservation. This event creates innovative networks of teamwork for joint action to perk up the prehistoric outlines of art and craft of the Mewar reign, which are losing their charisma and connotation.


A worldwide conference will occur on the instance to contest “How can a metropolis endorse the Living Heritage?” For this conference, a number of experts from India and foreign countries arrived. The goal of the conference was to offer instance of the Living Heritage in India and abroad with the intention to delineate an apparent agenda to endorse the idea of Living Heritage. The event amassed professionals from India and foreign countries to discuss the vital questions to motivate the future action proposal for the city of Udaipur. The speakers who were welcomed for the Festival comprise NGOs, that is to say, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Barefoot College &  in addition to professionals such as KU/ Leuven (Belgium), Kai Weise the conservation architect (Nepal), Minja Yang, President & Professor at Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, Dr. Ravina Aggarwal, Ravi Gundu Rao,  Ford Foundation, Dr. Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya, Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, Mary McCarthy, the Director of the National Sculpture Factory, Ireland and Banaras Hindu University. The hospitality associate for the WHLF, 2014 was the “HRH Group of Hotels”.

Cultural and Arts performances:

The 4 day extensive celebration included panel discussions, photo trade fairs, light & sound show, one book launch, and much more at the famous City Palace in Udaipur. The seminars will were conducted and all the visitors met the craftspeople who practices the long-established art & craft forms with the intention to mix their crafts with contemporary and fashionable styles, ths forming new-fangled elucidation of longstanding art & craft forms practiced in Mewar. Inside the attention-grabbing setting of the City Palace, the event observed the arts and crafts workshops, food festival, technical conferences and photo exhibition to talk about the problems pertaining to the conservation of Living Heritage. A musical recital ended the day every night. Starting from classical vocal to folk music, classical dances to instrumental music, the event assured to be a really thrilling voyage for all types of visitors. The Holika Dahan Ceremony will fetch the multi-colored conclusion to the event.

Visitors in large numbers arrived and rejoiced the mystic shades of life and the assortment of cultures maintained in the Mewar region of Rajasthan. So, people from various parts of the nation paid a visit to the truthfully romantic Udaipur region, to enjoy the living heritage of music, arts, dance, food and revels of the Mewar region in the WLHF-2014.

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