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International Folk Festival in Jodhpur

It is a well known fact that India is famous for its amazing music festivals. Same way, the yearly Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) held in Jodhpur has spread across a range of venues together with the most excellent Mehrangarh Fort. The state of Rajasthani is internationally much-admired for its mind blowing musical festivals. The Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) in Jodhpur covers a variety of areas counting the noble Mehrangarh Fort and is one of the most awaited and the unsurpassed musical event ever The Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) is the foremost twelve-monthly folk festival of India which commemorate the long-established folk music & arts. The festival is structured to bestow an open platform to all the the musicians and folk artist from India and also from all over the globe. Over 250 musicians & art performers from Rajasthan, and abroad gather and make merry of the traditional folk music & art heritage, thus forming ground-breaking partnership with an exhilarating blend of international & Indian folk music in conjunction with the electrifying performances.

History of International folk festival:

The Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) is also known as the Jodhpur folk festival that was originally instigated in the year 2007.The RIFF of Jodhpur puts together a chain of programs, recitals and events that are based on the Mehrangarh Fort. This festival is celebrated to synchronize with the brightest full moon of the year (in Northern India ). The brightest full moon is known as ‘Sharad Purnima'. For the duration of this carnival, the Mehrangarh Fort is festooned wonderfully. The Mehrangarh fort has also been nominated as the “Asia's Best Fortress” by the Times Magazine. Every year, RIFF makes all efforts to amass over 250 Musicians and performing artists from all over the globe. Year by year, RIFF celebrates various musical heritages by fabricating innovative sounds by means of pioneering collaborations during October. This festival assures countless searing performances from neighboring and global artists.


Kept apart from the milieu of the Mehrangarh Fort, the RIFF in Jodhpur takes account of some of the inspiring performances by some of the unsurpassed musical maestros from neighboring Rajasthan communities and from all over the globe. The revels display the astounding star acts every night. RIFF festival will also trait events such as a jazz night, Rajasthani night, early morning ragas, traditional & gypsy dance forms, and much more. Interactive daytime programs for spectators, school kids and families are also planned.

RIFF 2013:

The soul of RIFF 2013 was Rajasthani folk music while a well-built limelight will be there on Bhojpuri Music in addition to the “Manganiyar Muslim Community of Performing Artists”. As a record in the olden times of RIFF, the music festival also featured its group effort in addition to the Rajasthani folk music. Mr. Daud Khan, an Afghani master rubab player from did a solo set, and also teamed up with Rajasthani artists to perform a track with Sultan Khan’s nephew, Dilshad Khan, on the sarangi. Manu Chao, the French-Spanish superstar in company with the English folk act Spiro, plus “The Gypsy Kings” family performed at one specially aloofed evening in pink city.

RIFF 2013 has some extraordinary sessions on excellent Rajasthani musical instruments, the civilization of Manganiyar of Marwar in addition to a seminar on Rajasthani drumming instruments were also arranged all through the event.

RIFF 2014:

The Opening Ceremony of RIFF 2014 will be held in Rajmandir Cinema (the globe’s most stunning Cinema hall with 1300+ seating. The event will start on February 1st to Feb 5th, 2014. The Opening Film will be the Zinda Bhaag from Pakistan that was directed by Farjad Nabi and Meenu Gaur.

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