Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

alsisar mahal

Vivacious Electro-Techno Dance and pleasing Music Festival at

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Location : Alsisar Village , Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan 331025

Phone : 01595 275 271

The first light of the Magnetic Fields Festival at famous Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan was celebrated from December13th to December15th, 2013. People were so delighted, and tremendously energized to see and participate in the festival. The Electro Techno & Dance music rooted from the subversive resonances of India. It was played against the milieu of the Alsisar Mahal, a fortress that was built in 17th century. This festival will create an innovative music & arts festival in Shekhawati region. The Magnetic Fields occurred in Alsisar Mahal in the traditional village of Alsisar is one of the most recent embellishments to the Indian music celebration agenda.

In essence, the celebration at the imperial Alsisar Mahal is split into 2 i.e. day and night segments. Every morning of the festival will start with calm yoga sessions on the turf. Throughout the day, there will be snaps of regional culture to try it out, starting from the professional folk artistes to neighboring craftsmen in company with free of charge workshops that offer a glance into the region’s olden times and inheritance. Mainly, the exotic food at the fiesta will be of a modern-day take on the most excellent of neighboring cuisines.

Read about the spotlights of Magnetic Fields Festival at Roayl Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati, Rajasthan:

Magnetic Fields is essentially a three day festivity that marks the chronological gathering of the inexplicable ‘Bedouins’ along with the imperial sovereigns and Queens from Royal Rajasthan. The unification of several moons in the past resulted in an amazing celebration and miraculous festival that has strolled more than the years from our reminiscences, as yet. Since the month of December 2013 is a fortunate centenary, the magnetic fields are now toggling in the world’s ambiance, and so preparations are made to decorate the palace to greet the new Bedouins and rejoice the enduring anniversary of the unification of the ancestors through a fantastic three days of costumes, parties, riches and clandestine.

Salutation Gift:

With some event prerequisites and some non-essentials, people were invited to the grand celebration of Magnetic Fields. The presents from the event organizers along with some vital tools, event information and mementos are treasures to keep with!!

Visitors' guide:

Visitors were provided with a guide crammed with ideas, hints and suggestions. Visitors were asked to find the underground parties are, decode the mysteries that were hidden in the carnival areas, tips to fine the riches and obviously some of the vital information regarding the players.

Spot cash:

Visitors were given some tiny and pretty loot bags of Magnetic Fields cash to spend!! Cool!

Exotic Food:

A cookery open market of refreshing, light and appetizing goodies pulled the attention from cuisines of the Indian streets and also from all over the globe. Freshly made breads, chili pepper, aromatic herbs, fiery sauces, sparkling lime dressings and highly spiced dips were brought from Middle Eastern kitchens. On the other hand, nut milk smoothies and crispy bean salads harmonized the regional street food civilization. The lunches were served up in handy, eco-friendly Bento boxes. The Food market was designed and appeared like a neighboring fair/ carnival with vendors selling various kinds of foods on moveable stalls and carts.

Each and every ingredient used for the food was sourced from the neighborhood, and are fresh and natural to treat the guests with a healthy and cheerful experience.


Participants wore costumes representing their ethnic groups to ascertain their new uniqueness. They represented the steam punk, Imperial Rajasthani, Bedouin family topic.

Hunt for Riches:

A treasure in the fortress waited for the participants to be revealed. This was no easy achievement and was actually for the fearful. The visitor’s handbook helped the participants to embark. For about 3 days, the participants must decode an assortment of hints and riddles with the intention of reaching their targets.

24/7 celebrations:

Before your watch shows 12 the graceful quad of the North Stage became the new dwelling of the visitors until they worked out to find where the clandestine parties are. Amusement ran all through the hours of darkness.

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