Birla Temple

birla-mandir-jaipur-evening-timeBirla Temple

The Birla Temple is sited under the foot of Moti Dungri Fort in Jaipur. The original name of temple is Lakshmi Narayan temple. This temple is finely connected to Hindu religion. It is completely devoted to Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. The main centre of attraction of Jaipur is the Birla Temple. This temple is dipped into the white marble. The renowned commercial family of Birlas had built up this temple. The temple was laid down in the year of 1988. It consists of costless architectural beauty. The business dealing was taken place between Birlas and Maharaja at a token amount of one rupee. It is a sign of sacred beauty and a large number of devotees use to visit this temple. It is always full of visitors. The tourists are attracted towards the figures and images of mythological themes. The entry of this temple is covered up by the picture of Ganesh. The interior of this temple comprises picture of a large number of Hindu deities. A single piece of marble has carved the statue of Lakshmi Narayan. In adjacent to temple there exist a small exhibition hall having household material of Birla family. The opening time of exhibition hall is 0800 hours to 1200 hours and 1600 hours to 2000 hours. The visit of exhibition hall is free of cost. The temple is surrounded by a ravishing green garden.

Birla Temple Jaipur Story Behind Establishment

In times of 1904 Shri Rang Ramanuj Das had seen the trance in which he saw Lakshmi Narayan who was indicating his habitation under the land where the temple has been built and asked him (Ramanuj Das) to dig out him to earth. There are three domes of this temple which signifies three religion of India.

Birla Temple Jaipur Festival

The Birla temple looks stunning at the arrival of the festival i.e. Janmashtami whose celebration is continued up to the natal of Lord Krishna. The temple acquires the distinct picture by the decoration of flowers. The temple becomes colourful due to illumination of colourful lights. Its beauty is characterized by shining white marble.

birla-mandir-front-viewBirla Temple Jaipur Darshan

At the entry of this templethere is a big hall which provides the place for devotees to get seated onto the carpet and pray for god. The deities of the god are placed in that hall which is covered by a purdah made up of a fabric of velvet. The timings of the darshan are 8 AM to 12 noon in the morning and 4 PM to 8 PM in the evening.

Birla Temple Jaipur Aartis

The most fascinating time of temple is its aarti by which the devotees approach the heart of God and God is able to hear the voice of the devotees. It is a decent way to contact and impress the god. It reveals the nice feeling of spiritualism of the aficionado towards the god. The beauty of the temple is depicted by the aarti which is use to take place in the shrine. After singing the aarti each devotee takes the aarti from their hands and offers money as offerings and thus gets the blessing of the god. The time of aarti is 8 AM to 9 AM in the morning and 6 PM to 7 PM in the evening.birla-mandir-jaipur-map

Birla Temple Jaipur Parshad


Parshad is a blessing of god to his devotees. It is distributed after completion of aarti. The intake of Parshad provides mental peace to the devotees. Following is distributed as parshad in the temple:

  • Charanamrut: the water of god’s charan
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Misri
  • Makhane
  • Dry fruits

The outside food is not allowed to bring in the temple and also cannot be taken as Parshad.

Birla Temple Jaipur Arrangement

The temple is very neat and clean. It is cleaned time to time. Itpossesses the finest arrangement of keeping shoes and sleepers that is by using token system. There is a strict security of police so as to protect the devotees from theft and also there is complete security for women.

Thus, Birla temple is the remarkable picture of gorgeous architecture which is meant to make the people in the state of full gratification and peace.

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