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The Bhangarh Castle

The Bhangarh CastleIt is a place between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan state of India. It is a deserted town with some 10000 dwellings established in 1613 by Madho Singh, younger brother of great Mughal general, Man Singh (I). Bhangarh is known for its ruins, Myths and the sign board By the The Archeological survey of India (ASI) which says that “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” but still worth a visit; the place is beautiful and tranquil. What remains though, is a shadow of a once beautiful kingdom.

On visit to Bhangarh one can esily make out the destored market with shops on both side of road and will make you admir the construction and the architech of the 16's centurey .Bhangarh also include gardens, havelis,banyan trees and temples of Lord Someshwar, gopinath, mangla devi and Keshava rai. But the enigmatic attraction is a secluded dome-shaped pavilion (chhatri) on the top of the hill catches eye of all the visitors.

Myths behind The Bhangarh Castle

One of the stronger myths goes as follow : The charm of princess of Bhangarh Ratnavati was said to be matchless in all of Rajasthan . Being eighteen years old, the princess started getting matrimonial offers from other states. In the same region there lived a magician, who was well versed in the occult, named Singhia and he was desperately in love with the princess knowing that he would never be allowed to even see her, let alone meet her.One day, he saw the princess' maid in the market buying scented oil for her. Seeing this, he got an idea by which he could meet the princess. He used his black magic and put a spell on the oil which would hypnotize the princess by merely touching the oil, and she would surrender herself.The princess foiled this plan though. She had seen the magician enchanting the oil, so she poure the oil the ground. As the oil struck the ground it turned into a boulder, which crushed Singhia. Dying, the magician cursed the palace with the death of all who dwelt in it,without any rebirth in their destinies and the kingdom vanished over night. Legends also say that the sprits /ghosts of those sufferd from the curse are still there in Bhangarh and that is why entry is prohibited for tourists in the fort after sunset and before sunrise.

One of the myths also says that there is are hidden treasure in Bhangarh but those who stay there after sunset in search of a teasure will never come back .However the precision of the truth of these stories/myths cannot be measured as few people claimes that they have spent a night at bhanghar (thought it illegal) and the nothing ever happend on the other hand there are people who says that the had a freaking tourable experince of trying to stay there after sunset and they somehow manage to escape .

Apart from these storeis and myths Bhangarh is an ancient town of archeological importance. During recent excavations different types of tools used by early man have been recovered from the pre-historical site of Bhangarh.The old town of Bhangarh, as the ruins show was surrounded on three sides by elevated hills where wild undergrowth is seen today. There were naturalsprings and waterfalls there and one such is found near the temple of lord Someshwar.

The Bhangarh Castle is the one of most Beautiful historic place of Rajasthan which give a great idea of old indian civiliazation.

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