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Festivals in India plays a vital role in portraying the typical Indian traditions which are not only important part but rather they share a deep meaning in the Hindu mythology and are considered priority for every Indian family. Every state of India shares a special and unique traditions and customs. We will discuss about ten most important festivals in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan.

Gangaur Festival JaipurGangaur Festival

This festival is mainly for the women and girls who pray for the well bwing and long life for their husbands or future husbands. The festival is celebrated in Chaitra between the month of March and April according to the hindu calender in the name of goddess Parvati and god Shiv.

Teej FestivalTeej festival

On this festival, women and girls wear colourful new Indian apparels and enjoy their day, by singing and dancing together. On this day, women pours mehndi on their hand and do a fast for a day for their husband and break the fast after watching the glimpse of the moon. They perform a special pooja of Goddess Parvati and take blessings from her.

Kite Festival jaipurKite Festival

Maker Sanskrit is celebrate on January 14th of every year, where everyone in Jaipur fly kites in the high sky and enjoy their day with joy and lively feeling. The families meet up together and celebrate this festival together by sharing sweets and flying colorful kites.

Elephant Festivals jaipurElephant festival

On the day of full moon phalgun purnima, the elephant festival is celebrated which includes the Pujan of elephants and amazing activities associated with them like elephants racing, decorating elephants and many more. Elephants have always played an important role in the hindu Myhtology.

Sitla Mata FairSitla Mata Fair

In the village seel-ki-dungri of Jaipur, this fair is celebrated with great joy and happiness dedicated to the sitla goddess when people in Jaipur take blessing from the almighty and performs many art forms to impress the goddess and fulfill their wishes. This festival is celebrated in the month of march-april. Sitla mata let all the troubles to shoot on her and bless the people for happy life.

Donkey FestivalDonkey Festival

This festival is an interesting moment of joy and happiness where the donkeys are gathered at one place with their pet parents and many types of fair are performed which includes decorating donkey, donkey racing and many more. This festival is one interesting festival that is only celebrated in the region of Jaipur.

Kajli Teej FestivalKajli Teej Festival

Followed by the same rituals which are shared in the festival of teej, women celebrate this festival by engaging themselves in dancing, singing and performing such arts. This festival plays an important role in the state Rajasthan because of its significance and meaningful purpose.


Diwali is one important festival in India which is celebrated to share the victory of Lord Ram against Ravan and his return to the home back. This festival is initiated with the Pooja and then is celebrated by blowing many crackers so as to realize the joy ans happiness of the festival which is full of light and blessings.

Raksha bandhanRaksha bandhan

Raksha bandhan plas an important part in the Hindu rituals that explains the love of a sister towards her brother. Sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and ask for the lifetie protection by his brother.


Dusshera was a day when the evil raven was killed by the lord ram. This day signify the lesson of truth winning on the lie and betrayal. This festival in Jaipur is celerated by burning the puppet of raven and performing different dance forms and arts on this day.

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