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In 18th century, as a planned and beautiful city Jaipur to conceive a shape, and if there exists deceased souls of the kings to its dynasty, then it has to be Gator.

The word gator in Hindi is echoed to popular site as “Gaye ka thor”, At the bottom of fort nahargarh and GarhGanesh temple, in the calm and picturesque region, the king’s grave is imported down there. With the founder of Jaipur, king sawai Man Singh to the last ruler King Madho Singh of Jaipur, their graves are imported at Gator. Unique Sangam symbol of these canopies are famous in the world for its beauty because of the hindu Rajput Architecture and Traditional Mughal style. After winning the site of other Kings, the tomb was conceived in the memory of Late king Sawani Man singh. Every tomb of late kings symbolizes their personality and grandeur according to their designation of all various levels of edges.

The four parts of the strikingly platforms of the sidewalks is covered with the stone nets by the centre along with the construction of stoned umbrellas on the beautiful columns of poles. Mainly the tombs(umbrellas) of gator canopies are manufactured in three squares. On the central part of the square is the elegant grand tomb of the late king Sawai Man Singh which is based on 20 poles. The architect based on the stone of the tomb by the taj marble is outstanding and remarked as one of the finest designs based on the marble. The reality crafts of war, hunting, daring and composers are found around the tomb.

Gator Gator

Historical Art in Gator

Under the same square is the tomb of late king Sawai Man Singh on the left corner made of real marble. One thing to note is that late king Sawai Man Singh was the champion of horse polo. In addition to this, the tomb of late king Madhosingh 2nd with his sons is founded at the same square. Next to this square, is the other square where a grand tomb (umbrella) is created in the memory of the thirteen prince and princess of epidemic. Below the banyan tree belonging to the same square is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Under the third elegant square are the tombs of King Jai Singh, king Ram Singh and Sawai Pratap Singh. The tomb of King Jai Singh is made by the Makrana Marble where as the tomb of the King Ram Singh is made by Italian Marble. Both the tombs are the best examples of traditional crafts of Rajasthan.

Gator Gator

GatorWith the Umbrellas of Gator, the striking route is the behalf to the tiger fort as well. The people from the royal families use this route from nahargarh to reach the tomb point of Gator. Presently, the maintenance and protection of the Gator tombs is under the city palace administration. To reach the Garot tombs, one can take the route from Amber to the mountain road as well. The route starts from Bhrampuri and destined to Gator. Individuals can come down there from there private vehicles or using taxi. The tickets involve 20 Rs. Charge but may vary if someone is carrying a camera or any other such kind of gadget.
Gator is one important part to visit with the trip to Jaipur. Gator tombs, canopies and unforgettable unique combination of Rajput and Mughal architecture of arts are must watch. One can feel the presence of spirits of late Kings of Jaipur with the bottom of the royalty considered in Jaipur.

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