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Hari Mahal Palace, the four star luxury hotel in Jaipur is an enterprise of the imperial “Achrol family” and the majestic “Pachar family”. The great business viewpoint and slogan of the famous Pachar group is “Yatto Dharma Stato Jai”. The meaning of this phrase is “If you follow the path of ‘Dharma’, success will also follow that “. In accordance with this straightforward attitude, the former imperial family of Pachar established their unique hotel business originally in 1982.

In point of fact, the Pachar group inaugurated their hotel functioning only in the year 1995. They transformed their familial fortress at Pachar into a luxury heritage Hotel, called as the “Castle Pachar”. More to the point, Pachar Groups also own one more heritage hotel at the Pink city as an enterprise with the regal ‘Achrol’ family. This 4 star luxury hotel is the well-liked “Hari Mahal Palace”. This budget hotel can be found in the chief locality at the core of Pink city. This 4 star hotel in Jaipur is a preferred hotel for leisure and business travelers. The miraculous appeal of the 4 star Budget hotel Hari Mahal Palace cuddled in the chronological architecture and flourishing bright green gardens fetches you back to the magnificent era of imperial Kings that was filled with elegance and loveliness. The miraculous appeal of the hotel cuddled in an antique structural design and flourishing green gardens, takes you to the royal Rajasthani entourage. One can explore the inheritance, countryside, legends and olden times of the Pink city while dwelling in this inimitable budget hotel in Jaipur that amalgamates the genuine architectural legacy with present-day’s standard of living.

History of Hotel Hari Mahal Palace

Actually, the hotel building dates back to the year 1930. The 4 star luxury hotel Hari Mahal Palace was once an urban dwelling of “Rajadhiraj Hari Singhji” of Achrol. The Noble Family of ‘Achrol’ was a vital element of the 12 most important leaders of Jaipur state, otherwise known as the “Barah Kothri”. This royal family traces the forerunner to “Maharaja Prithvi Raj of Amber” who lived between 1530 AD to1528 AD. The present family member “Rajadhiraj Mahendra Singh” still lives in a section of the Palace while the other section of the citadel has been rehabilitated into a 4 star heritage hotel Hari Mahal Palace. The fortress is a convergence of structural design from Mughlas, Rajputana and British.

Location and Access:

Hari Mahal Palace, one of the best budget hotels in Jaipur is positioned at the core of the colorful metropolis of Jaipur. This luxury hotel is just 2 km away from Jaipur Railway station and 4 km away from the main airport of Jaipur. This budget hotel is very near to the Pink City’s amusement and business venues. The close proximity to major tourist attractions in Jaipur city such as, shopping malls, Chief Minister's Residence, old-wall city and movie theater complex s makes Hari Mahal Palace a desirable hotel for travelers in Jaipur.

Accommodation Offered at Hotel Hari Mahal Palace

The Accommodations offered by the 4 star hotel Hari Mahal Palace is truly a good deal. The hotel rooms are stylishly created with first-class heritage décor and furnishings. All modern-day facilities have been tactically integrated into the ‘subject- based’ royal Rajasthani suites. The rooms are divided into 2 categories as given below:

  1. The Heritage Wing : The Splendid Heritage Suites are actually named after the significant states of Pachar, Achrol, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Hadoti, Kishengarh, Shekhawati, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. The Hertitage wing suites possess beautiful decorations with pulsating colors that is relevant to the vital states of Rajasthan. All heritage wing suites are nestled in a 600sq. ft land area and en suite with contemporary amenities to make sure that all guests take part in the most excellent Heritage livelihood. The unique “pieces of arts” and portraits from both Pachar & Achrol family are a tribute to the legacy atmosphere. The Heritage Wing suites have an individual balcony for the guests to relax. This royal suite also incorporates a huge dressing space bordering on a roomy bathroom.
  2. The Deluxe Wing : The Deluxe Rooms of this 4 star luxury hotel are positioned in a recently built Wing of the hotel, the ‘Tirathraj’. This place is located right beside the heritage area. The Deluxe rooms are elegantly bedecked with marble flooring and contemporary décor. The deluxe rooms of Hotel Hari Mahal bestow an exclusive experience for the families who anticipate extra comfort from their hotel rooms during their stay. The Deluxe wing rooms are built-in with all contemporary amenities with a widespread living space and a completely outfitted kitchen that can be shared by 3 rooms to convert your stay into a comfortable one.

Regal Room Amenities

Contemporary and graceful hotel rooms of the 4 star hotel Hari Mahal mark a beautiful decor with vivacious splash of colors in conjunction with present-day amenities that includes a TV, Study table, Telephone, Luggage stand, Closet and comfy pillowed chair.

Imperial Dining Facilities at Hotel Hari Mahal

  • The Suryawnshi Restaurant : Now, at the 4 star luxury hotel, the Hari Mahal, you can unearth a roomy, innovative substitute for your dinner in laid-back, terrace surroundings of the Suryawanshi restuarant. The Suryawanshi restuarant offers ample varieties of International, Chinese, Mughlai, Rajasthani and Indian cuisines. You will get an “out of the ordinary” experience where the crown of the restaurant unlocks for an inimitable outdoor dining experience in a region of terrific natural prettiness, serene and stillness. This garden side eatery nestles in a huge land by imitating ecological atmosphere within the heart of the Pink city.
  • Cozy Bar : The Cozy lounge Bar and Garden sprawl in conjunction with the open ‘bone fire’ at the hotel endow contemporary facilities while maintaining the unique allure of the legacy city of Jaipur. The gracious and mollycoddled comfort narrates a tale which represents itself through which countless guests arrive at this place relentlessly.

Recreational Facilities :

  • Recreational facilities at the 4 star, luxury hotel Hari Mahal Palace consists of “Raas Leela”, a ‘rainy-day’ swimming pool that offers good reason for its theme through images that of Lord Krishna & Radha on the walls.
  • The superb service apartments of the hotel serves as a common ‘sit-out’ space with a grand view of the chief building.

Spa Facilities :

The Orra Spa & Beauty: The Orra Spa at Hotel Hari Mahal offers admirable beauty treatments to treat you from heat to toe of your body. The various beauty treatments at the Spa are:

Fusion therapies Balinese massage
Swedish massage Orra rejuvenating Body Treatment
Deep Tissue Massage Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
8 course ‘Marma point’ Ayurvedic facial Orra Signature facial – 8 course deep-cleansing skin lightening facial,
Shirodhara ( 2 course anti-stress & Detoxification treatement) Orra herbal infusion
Orra head & scalp massage Revitalizing spa manicure and pedicure
Body polishes Body wraps & masks
Reflexology (Foot massage)

Wedding Celebrations at Hari Mahal :

Guests can experience a luxurious wedding ceremony at HariMahal palace. Hari Mahal Palace, the 4 star luxury hotel in Jaipur is a great place with individual services of experts for conducting dream/mock marriages, small private celebrations, retirement/house parties and baptism ceremonies,.

Tourist Attractions in the vicinity of Hotel Hari Mahal :

A few well-known tourist attractions close by the hotel are: Jal mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Gaitore, Moti Doongri Fort, Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort.

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