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Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals

Jaipur is a city of occasions, fairs & festivals.  There are not only the fairs of traditions but the celebrations of the culture are also indicated.The biggest speciality of the city is that if people celebrate the Teej & Gangaur here alongwith they also celebrate the mothers, fathers & valentine's day. This is the big proof of the vivacity of the city.


It is held by Jawahar Kala Kendra of Jaipur every year for giving the space to the folk artist of all over the country.The artists of twelve to thirteen states participates in this grand event.It is held in October in the open theatre of Jawahar Kala Kendra.


Elephant Festival

Foreign guests really loves the elephant ride in Jaipur. When you come here can enjoy elephant ride at Amber. The approval by the Department of Tourism refine the elephant festival. Elephant festival organized in the month of march in which many tricks shown by the elephants.


Fairs & FestivalsTeej

The fair of Teej is held in the month of Sawan. The month of July-August is sawan's month. According to mythology Parvati's penance had years to get a husband like lord shiva. On the day of Teej girls remembers and worship Parvati and wish for a husband like lord shiva. The ride of  Teej starts from “Janani Dyodhi” in the wall area on the evening of Teej. The fair attracts people from far flung. The next day budhi Teej ride passes.This tradition has often started because the kids and old people were not able to see the ride of the Teej because of the crowd, so it has been started on next day.


Gangaur is celebrated on Chaitra shukl tritiya. According to the modern calendar it is celebrated in the month of march. Gangaur fair also fills in Jaipur. Ghever on sweet shops are sold indiscriminately. This desert is the hallmark of the Jaipur. On this day the newly married does special worship. The ride of the Gangaur also starts in the fair of Gangaur.

Chaksu is near from Jaipur and Sheel ki Dungri is situated in Chaksu. Dungri means small mountain. Fair fills here on Sheetlaasthmi. Sheetlaasthmi comes in the month of march april after Holi. The custom is of eating stale on this day. Nobody climbed tawa on stove on this day. This is correct from scientific point of view, the day gives us the warning that this is the last time of eating stale because the summers is starting so after today stop taking stale food.


Makar Sakranti is a big festival in Jaipur. It is celebrated on 14th January every year. On the entrance of Sun in Makar rashi, there is a recognition of Danpunya. Fini and sesame sweets are eaten at home.The craze of flying kites in Jaipur is seen on this occasion. Kites flying on 15th August in Delhi and Basant Panchmi in Punjab. Makar Sakranti is the day when kites flying in Jaipur.

Heritage Festival

Sometimes in January or March , Jaipur Heritage Foundation folk artists and international artists from a unique confluence of the heritage festival has been held. It has its unique identity on world's map.

Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur city is now recognized as a literary hub. An international literature festival is organized by teamwork group every year in the month of January in Diggi Palace.The event has given a new identity to Jaipur by seven consecutive years. Recently the convening of literature festival was in controversy because of the senior author Salman Rushdi. The festival organizer Sanjoy. K. Roy convening the same event in Delhi,Mumbai & Singapore.

Jaipur Diwas Samaroh

Jaipur Day is celebrated every year on November 18.It has been started by some social workers of Jaipur two decades ago. Then it has been organized by municipal corporation for many years.Because of the worst financial condition this event did not take place. With the help of Rajasthan Government Pramod Bhasin, Amit Sharma & the team took this event. by 2009, the event got a new identity at the time the 24-hour non-stop in Jaipur Day record was created through the forms. The festival is also identified in Jaipur.

Katha Rang

The name of Katha rang festival is now included in the annual calendar of literary society. The three days festival is held in the month of November-December every year by the satirist and dramatist Ashok Rahi's organization PMT. It is based on the stories of the world's renowned authors.Jaipur is adorned by evening of literature for three days.

Kite Festival

This is a grand event for tourists. It is often held on 14th January, on the day of Makar Sakranti on behalf of the tourism department of Rajasthan. In which Babu bhai, Patangwale fly his unique kites in the sky. Babu Bhai has visited the whole world with their kites. The event was first held in Chaugan Stadium, situated in wall area but now it has been organized on Jalmahal.

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