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Diggi Palace Jaipur

Jaipur hotels share a royal history behind their establishments which resembles to the lifestyle of the kings of Jaipur embracing the definition of royalty and dignity. One such hotel in Jaipur which redefines the title of royalty under budget is hotel Diggi Palace. Diggi Palace is a small ocean in the city which shares the dignifying interiors and textures specially designed to let the journey of the guests embrace peaceful and harmonious surrounding of the hotel. Diggi Palace is famous for its manicured gardens which surround the whole from all the sides providing a unique grace to the appearance of the hotel. This hotel is a rebuilt of an old haveli which was established in 1860s. The hotel is 3 Km away from the old walled city of Jaipur known as AMBER. The services and facilities in the hotel is served under the special care of the family itself who runs the hotel and ensure that there is no artificial entity overlapping with the services of the hotel. Hotel Diggi Palace Jaipur offers the Rajasthani dining hospitality along with the services furnishing the following quality values

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Diggi House, Shivaji Marg, Jaipur 302004, India
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Diggi Palace Jaipur Multi-cuisine restaurant

The restaurant of the hotel is names as “the baradari Mahal’ which serves the multi-cuisine platter enclosed with quality services by the diggi family itself. The vegetables used in cooking for restaurant are planted at Diggi family’s house owning organic farms. Along with vegetables, the dairy products in the hotel are served by the dairy maintained by the family itself.

Diggi Palace Jaipur Activities

The hotel diggi palace offers various activities in the premises which include the jaipur literature festival, royal workshops, colorful festival of holi, safaris, cooking demo and workshops, musical evenings and cultural programmes.

The guests in the hotel are served the quality values by the staff of the hotel which is trained under the guidance of best people in hospitality. One can leave back their troubles and sorrow behind, as this palace works on the harmonious and peaceful experience to their visit in Jaipur  Diggi palace hotel offers the services satisfying two ‘Q' quality and quantity. The theme of the hotel works on the Rajasthani fusion of old and new. The texture and interiors of the hotel describes the richness of the Rajasthan heritage which leaves a benchmark in the hearts of the guests visiting to Jaipur  Every person in Jaipur work upon to let the visitor know the real beauty of the city and enable their hearts to pour on the dignity and customs of the state Rajasthan.

As we know that Rajasthan is state of festival which embraces and portray the importance of each festival which is celebrated in the nation along with the appearance of the same. The same theme is shared by Diggi palace. On the special occasion of festivals like diwali, holi, teej, gangaur and many more which specifically describes the traditions of Rajasthan, the palace offers extra delight to the guest along with usual. The extra delight can be seen in the form of cuisine, apparels, interiors, wall decors and decoration in the hall of the hotel. Guests during the time of the festival are over whelmed by such appearance and contribute their personality to carry forward the honor and pride of the state Rajasthan.

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