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Courageous Camel Safari in Rajasthan

A most remarkable and enthralling activities that tourists can experience in Incredible Rajasthan is to journey through the undulating, desolate barren region on the back of a camel and camp out beneath the twinkling stars. Going on a camel safari will offer tourists a great opportunity to observe the pastoral, countryside desert existence of Rajasthan. Despite the fact that the wilderness is infertile, it's also astonishingly densely populated. Over and over again, Camel safaris are appreciated or reviled. A few tourists would like to stay a day or two more than they planned in the wilderness. On the other hand, some others find camel safaris dreadfully aching to travel. A 2 hour ride may be a good option for most of the tourists who would like to get a quick experience of a camel safari.

Best Places to visit on a Camel Safari:

The most well-liked place for camel safari in India is in the wilderness nearby Jaisalmer city in Rajasthan. The best camel safaris can be experienced around Bikaner, Rajasthan. Several companies will offer tourists the option of selecting their individual path. This can help tourists decide if, they would like to take the road for minimal traveling. One can also enjoy a camel safari in the alpine desert in the region of Leh Ladakh, chiefly in the Nubra Valley starting from Hundar to Diskit area. The camels that are used in these safaris are the double bump Bactrian range.

Best Season to experience a Camel Safari:

The months between September and March are generally the most excellent periods to go on a camel safari. After March, the arid region turns out to be agonizingly sizzling. After that, the monsoon time of year begins. Usually, Camel safaris head off early in the morning to cover some distance, and to find a suitable camping area and organize before the end of the day.

Good agencies that organize Camel Safaris:

Since the camel safari business is really competitive, ensure that you are pay attention while booking a camel safari. It is normal to get excited when you see inexpensive deals, but the excellence of bedding, food and other requirements will be of low quality. Hence, look for a good company that offers a good deal in your camel safari. Even though, a good number of hotels in Jaisalmer will arrange camel safaris for their guests, it's better to book one with dedicated agencies like Trotters Independent Travel (which also has an optional desert camp) and Sahara Travels (beside Fort gate). The Shahi Palace is also a good option to look for. Vino Desert Safari is highly recommended in Bikaner district. In order to have a pastoral camel safari experience, a long way from the tourist track, tourists can get in touch with the “Adventure Travel Agency” in Jaisalmer city who can arrange for a lengthy camel safari towards Barmer.

Time duration of Camel Safaris:

Generally, tourists can book for a short camel safari and can return back on the same day. On the other hand, some tourists may also opt for a longer trip into the wilderness for about 3 to 4 days. A lot of tourists prefer to take 2 day and 1 night camel safari. However, 7, 14, 21, or 30 day alternatives are also available for camel and desert admirers. Hence, one can obtain a camel safari schedule customized to meet individual desires.

Cost of Camel Safari:

The cost of camel safaris differs based on the quality of food and other comforts offered. The standard cost of a camel safari is around $15 (650 INR) for a day, together with the food. Nonetheless, the rate can mount up to $35 (1500 INR) for supreme camping facilities and jeep conveyance as a part of the voyage.

Things to carry on a Camel Safari:

In essence, riding on camel back would be a shockingly painful activity. By the end of the camel ride, lots of tourists complain about sore legs & bumps. So as to prevent from these discomforts, you can take a comfortable, padded seat to sit on. Some other essential items to carry on a camel safari are a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, flashlight, toilet paper, and heaps of warm garments. During night times, the weather gets freezing in the desert regions.

Highlights of a camel safari:

The major fun aspects of a camel safari consist of incredible desert panorama. Nevertheless, the strident experience of riding on the back of a camel, savoring the Chapati and Dal cooked over an open fire, the incredible star-gazing with no ambient pollution and light offers you an essence of an unusual world.

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