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Why should someone make a trip to Rajasthan in March?

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Rajasthan, one of the most well liked and admired states of India will overflow with tourists all year long. With a number of tourists and sightseeing attractions such as the vivid festivals, safaris, chronological monuments to travel around, the voyagers have a great time visiting the whole state and experiencing an outstanding experience. Visitors of all age groups shall have a fun time with their friends and family members at Rajasthan. Merriments in the form of fairs and festivals persist in Rajasthan more or less all year round. Nevertheless, March month is no exemption to it. The month of March in a year is accompanied with blissful and multi-colored festivals that must never be missed. Hence, March is unquestionably a month for visitors to travel to the state of Rajasthan. During their visit, visitors can take a quick look of the amazing culture, arts, traditions, history and ethnicity of the state completely.

Weather conditions of Rajasthan:

The typical weather of Rajasthan is generally moderate. However, summer seasons in Rajasthan would be a bit hotter nevertheless; the temperature shall plunge all through the hours of darkness.  Hence, tourists from foreign countries are recommended to visit the Rajasthan during the winter season as it would be the right time to visit and see the sights of Rajasthan. Also, winters of the state are ideal as plenty of festivals are conducted at that point in time. For this reason, tourists can gladly take part in such celebrations and events.

Carnivals and celebrations of Rajasthan:

The people of Rajasthan have an extraordinary entice of festivals. Some of these festivals are time honored, while other types of festival have been lately instigated by the Rajasthan Tourism department to display the wealthy heritage of the state.

So, are you all geared up to find out the festive elevation of this princely state that the month March presents?

Remarkable Festivals of Rajasthan in March:

Most of the remarkable festivals and celebrations of Rajasthan takes place in the month of March. Some of the never-to-be-missed festivals are:

1. Holi Festival:

This year, the nationwide Holi celebration would fall onMarch 17th, 2014. On March 17th 2014, the long-established Holi festival was energetically celebrated in the Pink city of Jaipur. Holi is basically a “free from care” festival that offers immense and exotic fun to take part if someone would love to go wet and painted all day long.

2. The World Living Heritage Festival, Udaipur:

The WLHF, 2014 took place in the grand City Palace of Udaipur starting from 13th to 16th of March, 2014. Dramatized one or two days before the colorful festival of Holi, the 4 day long merriment of World Living Heritage Festival was commemorated inside the City Palace of Udaipur. As stated previously, this festival is the festivity of the miraculous shades of life and the cultural multiplicity of the Mewar district of Rajasthan.

3. The Flamenco & Gypsy celebration:

The Flamenco and Gypsy festival was held in Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur starting from March 13th to March15, 2014. The Flamenco & Gypsy Festival held at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur overlapped with the “World Living Heritage festival” that was held in Udaipur. If you are a diehard music fan, then, you should certainly attend this 3 day long harmonious burlesque, where Rajasthani folk musicians and the renowned Flamenco & gypsy performers who live all over the globe will team up and present a more fashionable outlook of wilderness dance and music in concert.

4. The Elephant Festival:

The Elepahant festival that is conducted in the month of March takes place in Chaugan Stadium, of Jaipur starting from March 16 th, 2014. The moment these 2 festivals (WHLF & Flamenco & gypsy) say good bye, the breathtaking Elephant Festival crops up. Commemorated on the Holi eve, the Elepahant festival bestows a magnificent spectacle of the delightfully festooned elephants from the trunk to toe. Elephant parades, polo, races, playing Holi on the elephants are a few attractive events that tourists shall rejoice for the duration of the Elephant festival.

Take a trip to the Royal Rajasthan in the month of March and take pleasure in the genuine zest of the state crammed with vivid colors of bliss, ecstasy and enjoyment.

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