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The Summer Gala at Mount Abu!!

Sightseers and day-trippers from various parts of the world visit the state of Rajasthan on a regular basis to get immersed in the magnificence and splendor of the huge palaces, ancient temples and citadels. The rock-strewn topography and the rippled knolls of Mount Abu are the ideal junctures to glass case the attractiveness of the folk and tribal culture of Rajasthan. Mount Abu, one of the finest destinations in the scorched soil of Rajasthan is no less than a ‘Haven of Wonders’. Mount Abu has always been an element of the journey of any traveler who visits Rajasthan. In the midst of several glee and marvels, the majestic Mount Abu is one of the most adored vacation spots in India. Basically, Mount Abu holds the pride and bequest of the brave monarchs of the nation. Holding the pride of being a great pilgrimage destination, Mount Abu is the solitary hill station in the waterless lands of Rajasthan!! For centuries, this place has been a well-liked spot for people to get exempt from the scorching weather of Rajasthan & bordering Gujarat. On the whole, Mount Abu, along with its scenic surroundings, divine temples, woods, serene lake, and excellent weather makes it a wonderful tourist destination.

Highlights of Mount Abu:

Mount Abu, positioned at the southern-western end of the substantial state of Rajasthan is placed at a distance of about185 km from Udaipur city. This chilly hill station is well-known for quite a lot of temples in which ‘Delwara temples’ being the most famous. Mount Abu, the soil of several sages is believed to be the residence to numerous deities. The Shaivite and Vaishnava temples at Mount Abu that date backs to 11th century AD are worth mentioning too. Also, the famous Nakki Lake in Mount Abu is one more picturesque spot that is appears as though it is carved by the own hands of deities. The grandiose of Aravalli Hills multiplies the allure of Mount Abu so as to compel tourists to extend their vacation period more than they have planned initially.

The Summer Delight in Mount Abu:

Undoubtedly, tourists can enjoy an unforgettable vacation at any time of the year at the stately Mount Abu. However, this hill station is dazzling throughout the “Mount Abu Summer Festival” that’s celebrated once a year during Buddha Poornima. This year, the Mount Abu Summer Festival was conducted from May 23 to May 25 on Budha Poornima in a grand manner. The best time of the year to visit Mount Abu would be during the summer festival. Not counting the previously recognized charisma of Mount Abu, the Summer Festival that is held every year from May 23-May 25 is another boon to look for. The yearly summer festival at Mount Abu is organized by the “Rajasthan Tourism Board” on an annual basis for 3 days. This grand 3 day fiesta is a true demonstration of music, colors and folk dance of tribes. Every year, Mount Abu summer festival rejoices the warmth and exuberance of the inhabitants who greet the travelers and visitors wholeheartedly. The kindness of the people in Mount Abu along with their multi-colored culture and striking setting made Mount Abu summer festival 2013 an outstanding experience for the visitors. At heart, the Mount Abu Summer Festival offers all tourists and visitors a great opportunity to understand the wealthy and assorted tradition & culture of Rajasthan.

Events and Merriments of Mount Abu Summer Festival 2013:

This year, the celebrations of Mount Abu Summer festival started on May 23 and extended till May 25.

First day celebrations: The carnival commenced with a vibrant ballad singing. After that, the time-honored parade started to stride out from the “RTDC Hotel Shikhar” which congregated at the spectacular ‘Nakki Lake’ Chowk finally. Subsequently, the curious tourists and visitors were treated with eye-catching traditional folk dances and music performances of Rajasthan & Gujarat. In addition to that, the gorgeous and refined Ghoomar, Daph and Gair dances that belong to the state of Rajasthan were also performed by several talented artists.

Second day events: The 2nd & 3rd day events of Mount Abu summer gala captured the attention of the visitors owing to an assortment of rivalries. Basically, the 2nd and 3rd day celebrations are composed of some of the energetic activities including horse race, skating race, Tug-of-War competitions, boat races on Nakki Lake, fancy dress competitions, musical chair and Panihari matka races. To quench the thirst of exploration-seekers, hiking, boat race and trekking were also conducted. Also, the CRPF Band Show, Skater’s show and Illuminating Deeyas added further fervor to the celebrations.

Third day festivity: On the third day of the Mount Abu summer festival celebrations, visitors took great pleasure in the brilliant performances of Odisi dancer “Manjushri Pande” and Sufi singer “Sonam Kalra”. Into the bargain, the “Sham-e-Qawwali” was one amongst the renowned activities of the carnival. The Sham-e-Qawwali is basically a grand musical show that is performed by celebrated ‘qawwals’ who arrived from different parts of the globe to display their talents. A unique aspect of 2013 Mount Abu summer festival celebration was the “Colors of the Tribes” in which talented tribal folk performers entertained tourists with a blend of traditional music, dance and cultural performances.

Chief organizers of Mount Abu Summer festival 2013:

The Mount Abu Summer festival celebrations of the year 2013 were successfully organized by a unique team of Rajasthan Tourism department, Mount Abu & District Administration and Municipal Board.

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