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Jaipur by Nite!

Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan will be endorsed as a summer and downpour sightseeing place. The city is going to observe a blend of cultural evenings merged with expansive assortments of Rajasthani cuisine at Hotel Clarks Amer and the City Palace. The occurrence “Jaipur by Nite” that was launched on July 26 & 27 is creating a center of attraction among local tourists, particularly, the “National Capital Region (NCR)”. The foremost event of Jaipur by Nite was structured by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the year 2008. This event had established itself to be an incredible achievement.

In cooperation “Jaipur by Nite” has been instigated by the Young Indians (YI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Department of Tourism (DoT). The “Jaipur by Nite” is an endeavor to present a stimulus to summer sightseeing in Jaipur. The 2 day event will display the art, culture, cuisines and handicrafts of Royal Rajasthan to domestic tourists. The cultural programs will be conducted after 7 P.M in the night.

Ratnesh P. Kashyap, the chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Rajasthan has taken up the challenge to generate sightseeing in summer months to endorse the summer tourism and long weekend to showcase it as an alternative for short vacation breaks. Kashyap also said that bright mornings and pleasant evenings throughout summer season in addition to the inexpensive hotel rooms are the key elements for promoting Jaipur.

Captivating Cultural performances:

The festivity evenings in Jaipur will entertain the visitors with the rocking performances by Bollywood and Sufi singers such as, Shweta Pandit, Krishna Beura and Padaanyaas among others. This promotion of Jaipur will help the state of Rajasthan to display its affluent cultural flair through Kamli Sapera, Samandar Khan and the captivating dance performances of Dhol, Chari, Ghoomar and Gair. What is more, visitors can take pleasure in the parrot card reader, puppet shows, Mehandi booths and turban tying.

Other Attractions in Jaipur by Nite:

Esteemed and respected artisans of Rajasthan will display their goods and merchandise through booths that are arranged by the “Rural Non-Farm Development Agency”. Sightseers and local visitors can also visit the amazing sound & light shows at Jantar Mantar and Amber. They can also enjoy a great heritage stroll. Intense and enthusiastic interest has also been showcased by a choice of overseas embassies from Italy, France, Uganda, Algeria, Singapore, Turkey, Morocco, Botswana and Bangladesh who had enthusiastically participated.

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