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Handmade jewelry

It is always said that jewelry is the women’s best friend. The jewelry helps in beautifying the glow and ambiance of women’s features. Specifically, women love the Indian jewelry the most as it adds on to their emotions and feelings to a royal and dignified cruse. India is furnished with many forms of jewelry from gemstones jewelry to the artificial jewelry. But one may not be aware of the handmade jewelry which is found in the parts of Rajasthan only. The handmade jewelry is specifically the part of Rajasthani culture.

Handmade Jewelry

The idea of manufacturing handmade jewelry was initiated by the founder of the city, maharaja jai Singh II who had a keen aim of making the city a land of royalty and dignity. The handmade jewelry was then come into action by several jewelers in the city. The king and the royal families were so impressed by the hard work of jewelers that the king announced the handmade jewelry as the part of Rajputana traditions. From that day, the handmade jewelry has played a vital role in uplifting the rituals and customs of Rajasthan.

The handmade jewelry in Jaipur is found in many forms. The typical form of Rajasthani jewelry is also the part segment of handmade jewelry. But the making of heavy Rajasthani jewelry in the form of handmade is only done by the expertise. The artists who manufacture the handmade Rajasthani jewelry are the people who are carrying forward the business and customs forward from their ancestors’ times. The artists who used to make the handmade jewelry since the bygone era are now the names in their families who are aiming on the same.

With the increasing globalization, the handmade jewelry now serves the contemporary patterns as well as per the choice of people. The handmade jewelry in Jaipur is famous worldwide and thus the city serves the export market of India in many parts of the world. There is no wonder, that the popularity behind the handmade jewelry of Jaipur has reached to the peaks of heights and is nowhere to come down. The local people are so fond of this type of jewelry that they demand for such jewelry almost in every occasion.

Types of Handmade Jewelry

If we talk about types of handmade jewelry in Jaipur, then it comes out to no end on it. The heavy Rajasthani jewelry which is made of precious and semi precious stones along with gold and silver plating are the invention by handmade jewelers only. The Thewa jewelry which typically segments the Rajasthani jewelry is also the part of the same circle. These days the artificial jewelry which just includes only the plating of gold or silver pattern is nowhere served by materialist rather the artists of handmade jewelry are the almighty for them.

The handmade jewelry of Rajasthan is famous and demanded in most parts of the globe because of its unique patterns and signatures. The Victorian history of Rajasthan is not new to the people of the globe which serves the title of pride and honor, the same goes with the elements which obeys the same pride of Rajasthan. Handmade jewelry is with no doubt one such element coining into the circle of honor. And thus, the handmade jewelry is as popular as it somewhere throws the essence of victory and pride of the state Rajasthan.

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