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The life-changing Ambuja Jaipur Marathon 2014


India lounges on a chief spot of the global heritage map and undeniably Jaipur, Rajasthan is the legacy state of the Rajasthan. Jaipur, popularly called as “The Pink City” is crammed with colors and for its vivacious surroundings. Along with its first-class building and the imperial culture, Jaipur continuously makes progression in the subject of technological advance as well. In this chain, in order to create Jaipur as a superlative City and thereby prove its subsistence on the world map, Sanskriti in company with “World Trade Park” take advantage to launch a yearly event known as the “The Ambuja Jaipur Marathon”. Jaipur Marathon 2014 is been scheduled on February 02, 2014. The Venue for this Ambuja Jaipur marathon is Ram Nivas Bagh South Gate in Jaipur.

In the compelling territory of stately Rajasthan, the inhabitants and their unique culture echoes each other's life form. The vivacious colours mix together to form an awesome atmosphere and crowned heads emerge at the epicenter of this magnificent land. As a boundless endeavor to set off the ceaseless effect of the wealthy Rajasthani tradition, Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha in company with World Trade Park have the benefit to step into its fifth edition for “Ambuja Jaipur Marathon” festival.

The Ambuja Jaipur Marathon has been mounting leaps and boundaries in view of the fact that its commencement has harvested an overpowering assistance from renowned personalities, daring army men and policemen, ingenious corporate homes, meticulous sportspersons, loyal NGO's, schools & colleges. When all is said and done, the inhabitants of Jaipur have accomplished Ambuja Jaipur Marathon as a grand success.

In essence, the Marathon running is one of the most difficult tests of individual determination and staying power for a runner and organizing and performing a marathon for the participants. In the past years, the Ambuja Jaipur Marathon has managed to embrace the love and care while making all essential efforts towards the wellbeing of the “Pink city” and the majestic land of Rajasthan. The celebration targets to create a good a balance between the well-off racial roots of this imperial territory in addition to the outstanding architecture and contemporary outlook of the city in the contest of becoming a superlative metropolitan.

Ambuja Jaipur Marathon is a celebration that endows with the artistic & cultural assortment of India. Thousands of performers go together with vibrantly ornamented floats, and dance along the roadways of Jaipur. Celebrating the multicultural multiplicity of bands, guides sports clubs, scouts, schools of Rajasthan, and other community groups to line up with the path, man stations as well as contributing to a festival ambiance. Ambuja Jaipur Marathon takes account of the events that tie everyone regardless of their financial status. Ambuja Jaipur Marathon fetches populace from all walks of life such as politicians, social workers, army people, movie stars, skilled runners, professional players, VIPs, and a layman in concert.

All Jaipurites and people from other state who adore the beauty of Jaipur city will be on the roads for celebrating the fifth year of Jaipur Marathon 2014 incessantly. Hence, a chief carnival in the form of Jaipur Marathon 2014 has been arranged by Sanskriti Yuva Sansthan in unison with World Trade Park.

Ambuja Jaipur Marathon 2014 will be a showcase that exhibits a cultural and racial assortment of India.

Take part in this rebellion and run in somebody's company for creating a vibrant future!

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