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What is Jaipur Famous For?

Talking about what is Jaipur famous for? Every visitor has their own opinion. Some says that Jaipur is famous for its attires and cuisines and some says Jaipur is famed for the monuments and forts in the city. The more people we ask the more answers we get about what Jaipur is famous for. So let us wrap up everything under Jaipur cultures and traditions. For instance, if somebody state monuments of Jaipur or cuisine of Jaipur coined as famous, then what does all demonstrate? Probably the culture. So the counter of what Jaipur is famous for goes the culture and traditions of Jaipur. so lets discuss about every segment of culture in detail:

The answer for What is Jaipur Famous for?

Jaipur jewelry: Who doesn’t like jewelry? Specially the women. The facts tell us that India is famous for its rich and profound looking jewelry which is exported in all parts of the globe. One such segment is manufactured in Rajasthan. Rajasthan, the land of royalty and monarchy is nowhere unknown for the rich jewelry it provides to the parts of the world. There are many forms of Jaipur jewelry which are famous world wide. Kundan jewelry is the first name in the list of unique Jaipur jewelry. The kundan Meena jewelry was instigated first in Jaipur and then became world wide famous. Thewa jewelry on the other hand bears a resemblance to the perfection with uniqueness involved by the famous artists of Rajasthan who formulate the jewelry for Rajasthan pouring their whole heart and core into it. The other forms of Jaipur jewelry are gold jewelry which is famous for its heavy and traditional exteriors. The silver jewelry is famous from the earlier times of bygone era when the local people of Rajasthan followed the wearing of silver jewelry as the part of their custom.

Block Printing: An exceptionally unique piece of Jaipur art is known as Jaipur block printing. There are two forms of Jaipur block printing which helps in classifying Jaipur into the list of famous cities. The first one is the Bagru printing. Bagru is the name of the village near by Jaipur which is famous for printing art. The Bagru printing includes the process of printing the patterns on the fabric by the wooden Perth. The wooden Perth is made such that its cuts and sharps print the designs on the fabric while dyeing on the fabric. Bagru printing includes the applications of bed sheets, covers and sarees. Some of the prints involve khakee attires with the same. Sanganeri print: Sanganer prints is famous on bed sheets and pillow covers. The sanganeri printing involves the pattern drawing on the cotton fabrics. Why it is known as sanganeri print is because of the printing factories are situated in the Sanganer area of Jaipur.

Paintings: It is said that Jaipur is furnished with exceptionally talented artists who pour their heart and soul into their paintings. The art galleries in Jaipur are the home to the thoughts of every famous painter in Jaipur trying to elaborate and demonstrate the real beauty of Rajasthan. The paintings of Jaipur typically describe the ambience of the village scene in Rajasthan or more specifically the portraits of the Rajasthani people. These paintings are no more less than the extravaganza of contemporary art. But this doesn’t mean that Jaipur paintings are what describe only the heritage of Rajasthan. Rather the Jaipur artists are famous worldwide for their beautiful and unique quality of expressing the contemporary style of art through their paintings.

Handicrafts: When talking about Jaipur art and culture, how can one forget the handicrafts of Jaipur? The unique piece of excellence and brilliance is what the handicrafts of Jaipur resemble to. Some of the best handicrafts of Jaipur includes: marble decorative, paper art, wooden crafts and many more. The famous place in Jaipur known as national handloom serves as the temple of all handicrafts material in Jaipur. National handloom Jaipur is a shopping plaza which serves every materialistic which involves the handicrafts products. Bags, bed sheets, hukkah, gift items, sarees, clothing, home decors and countless entities are assisted under one roof of national handloom Jaipur.

Jaipur sarees: Sarees is considered as the best attire for women in Indian states. The saree is the main attraction in Jaipur which connects women deeply to the culture of Jaipur. The zari sarees which includes the work of zari on clothing was initiated in Jaipur. zari sarre is the combination of zari threads along with gold/silver threading on the fabric of saree. The zari sarees comes out to have the unique and royal quality material which add on zari which alone stands out to be very monarch and beautiful. On the other hand, the bandej sarees in Jaipur involves very unique and different method of manufacturing by dyeing and tyeing. The bandej sarees is the outcome of dyeing a fabric along with tyeing to constant spacing which result into the beautiful pattern of color on fabric.

These segments answer the question of what is Jaipur famous for. The detail on other hand is provided by the two sites Jaipur.org and pinkcity.com. Jaipur.org serves the purpose of knowing the Jaipur culture so closely and relating it to the royal essence and fragrance which was initiated by Maharja jai singh II. Pinkcity.com on the other hand serves the definitive guide to the tourists’ wishing to travel the city. It helps in searching the best accommodation in Jaipur along with places and temples to visit in Jaipur. What a person should do when travelling to Jaipur? What people speak about Jaipur? These all are answered by pinkcity.com.

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