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Jewelry in India believes in a statement, “perfection without compromise”. The Indian jewelry features the heavy and royal patterns symbolizing special attributes behind the same. In the web of Indian jewelry, the city Jaipur acts as the server province of the best and royal Indian jewelry. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is the royal land which depicts the uniqueness and specialty in jewelry. And the most unique and solely Jaipur jewelry is the Thewa jewelry. The Thewa jewelry of Jaipur offers the unique platform of patterns which is solely depicted to the land of Rajasthan. But what makes the Thewa jewelry so special? The specialty and uniqueness lies in the use of precious stones along with gold patterned pendants. Thewa jewelry mainly comprises of pendant necklace and suiting earrings with the same.

Gold and Silver Thewa Jewelry

Talking about the heavy range of Thewa jewelry, the pendant and the earrings of the jewelry is mainly made up gold. Some people who like silver jewelry can opt for the silver pendant, but mainly the gold Thewa jewelry comes out to be unique and precious. The patterns of pendant and earrings consist of colorful layers as well adding on to the beauty of the same. The most common pattern in Thewa jewelry is the peacock shape which covers the gold/silver plating along with different hues which demonstrates the wings of the peacock. Other than peacock shape, the other patterns are rich hues with unique appearance. On the bottom part of the pendant and earrings, the small beads of precious and semi precious stones are tied up by gold/silver wire which appears very unique and beautiful. These small precious and semi precious beads are the best and most unique feature which defines the Thewa jewelry served as the dangler form of jewelry. The Dori (thread) of the Thewa pendant necklace is made of precious and semi precious stones varying as per the capital aspect.

Artificial Thewa Jewelry

The lower range of Thewa jewelry exhibits the artificial range which just includes the gold or silver plating on the upper layer of the pendant and earrings. The dangler on the Thewa jewelry is made of semi-precious stones of multi hues. The Dori of the Thewa jewelry is made of thick colorful threads of silk. The appearance of the artificial Thewa jewelry is very unique and affordable by every audience. The Thewa jewelry is available in many sizes and patterns as per the choice of the audience.

Thewa jewelry speaks of typically Rajasthani style of essence in jewelry segment. Thewa jewelry is the exemplar of perfection in brilliance and excellence showered with dignity. Thewa jewelry is the pure form of Rajasthani jewelry which is playing the important aspect since the bygone era of maharaja jai Singh II. The queens and other women in royal families treated Thewa jewelry as their daily coyness that they used to wear on the regular basis. The jewelry was the unique and essential features that helped them to coin unique from local audience. But with the changing times, every family in Rajasthan solely got connected with the same. Thewa jewelry is the prominent segment in jewelry which is exported the most from India. Manufactures in Rajasthan, Thewa jewelry has been the profound choice for audience in every part of the world. The unique appearance and quality making of Thewa jewelry is one foremost reason for its big market. Since the early days, the Thewa jewelry has been the first choice for specifically Rajasthani people as it helped then to uniquely pour the culture of the city as different from every other.

Not just the Thewa jewelry, the other types of jewelry and associated culture helps in building a special space of Jaipur at global level. To know more about the same, the websites Jaipur.org and pinkcity.com serves the best bridge to accompany the rich heritage culture of Rajasthan. not only this, pinkcity.com and jaipur.org acts as the best web guide book to the travelers wishing to analyze the rituals of Jaipur deeply along with the details of best festivals and places in Jaipur. the sites also helps the travelers to look upon the best accommodation facilities in Jaipur which directly poses the features to realize the beauty and royalty by the people of Jaipur.

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