Neemrana Fort – Palace Hotel

Neemrana Fort – Palace Hotel

Delhi-Jaipur highway, Rajasthan

Even though most heritage resorts in the neighbourhood of Delhi are created with the loveliness and riches of history, Neemrana Fort Hotel placed in the Delhi-Jaipur highway bestows a vivacious spot for miraculous weekend flee, banquets, merriments, and corporate meetings. This 15th century heritage lodge is perfect to discover your ancient times at the dream destination of olden times. There are 7 palace wings constructed over twelve layers tiered into a knoll across 2.5 hectares/ 6 acres of garden-palace. This makes Neemrana Fort-Palace as one of the most excellent inimitable resorts in the neighbourhood of Delhi. With beautiful hanging gardens, two pools to swim out to the scope, one Ayurvedic spa, and India’s primary zip-line are the features that wow the travellers from all around the globe! The palace area includes 3 acres and the 10 levels offer a compelling view. The carcass of the fort-palace has been re-established and the outcomes have outshined the splendid standards. The majority of the rooms in this hotel have a private terrace. The bathrooms have been uniquely planned to showcase the marvellous views of the hotel.


The interiors of Neemrana Fort Hotel have a diverse blend of traditional, old-fashioned and regal furniture. Several productive endeavours have been made to make certain that the guests have a holistic experience and receive a zest of the Maharaja lifestyle without compromising the latter-day comforts. Neemrana Fort Hotel is one of the most well-located vacation sites amidst all the destinations to visit in the vicinity of Delhi. Serious hard work maintains the ancient charm of this fortress and meticulous care has been taken to make sure that the fundamental comforts are associated with the lifestyle changes ever since 1464. On the whole, Neemrana bestows an inimitable experience of considering and ‘living’ olden times.

History of Neemrana Fort :

Established as early as 1464, Neemrana Fort-Palace turned out to be the 3rd capital of the younger generation of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had escaped Delhi in the year 1192 after he was defeated in a skirmish by Muhammad Ghori. Neemrana’s monarchs who were proud of their ancestry, continued to emphasize themselves, even under the supremacy of British, as their realm endured. Therefore, their lands were clipped and exposed to Alwar, Nabha, Patiala and others who amused the viceroys of the Maharaj with shikar & Champagne breakfasts. However, the Chauhans bowed nobody. In the year 1947, Raja Rajinder Singh of Neemrana fell down to Vijay Bagh as the frontage of his Fort-Palace disintegrated and its battlements started to surrender. For 40 years, he tried to liberate himself of his accountability but there were nobody to take responsibility.


Neemrana Fort – Palace has 10 Deluxe Suites, 3 Duplex Deluxe Suites, 2 Duplex Suites, 3 Grand Suites, 10 Small Suites, 8 Suites, 22 Rooms, 1 Tent and 4 Grand Rooms which can accommodate up to 175 guests. Te various room types are:

  • Uma Vilas : Uma Vilas is placed on the top of the ‘high’ views of Mukut Bagh and Uncha Bagh gardens. Uma vilas is named after a Hindu deity. It has the most excellent westward hill views on the horizon and has impressive stained glass fan.
  • Hara Mahal : Hawa Mahal is named after Lord Shiva. This ‘green’ room has an Indian seating at the rear of the gorgeous ‘peacock’ bends and is decorated with ancient 20th century oleographs created by the great artist Raja Ravi Varma. The rooftop of Hawa Mahal endows eye-catching views of the Fort-Palace
  • Chandra Mahal : A long time ago, Chandra Mahal was the hall of justice. This enormous suite bestows the alternatives of snoozing on a huge bed. At its core lies an attractive black & white lounge crowned by an extensive domed roof.
  • Francisi Mahal : Francisi Mahal is a French suite built with a pillared verandah in front of the scenery on one side and a water body on the other. It endows a zest of regal Francis from southern part of India. It has two 4-poster beds and a wall-hanging of “Joan of Arc”.
  • Sheela Mahal : This fortress hides its view at the back 3 layers of arches which take a flight of steps apparently to the skies. The bathrooms have a voyeur’s view above the pool and an octagonal battlement seating. It looks like a secret medieval assembly room.

Conference facilities:

Neemrana Fort-Palace holds ground-breaking, al fresco conferences rooms in winter. It overlooks the open, never-ending scenery till perpetuity. With 6 acres of fortresses tiered above twelve levels, there is more history and even more terrace views. This place is the Delhi’s preferred venue for corporate conferences, off-sites and runaways. Neemrana fort-palace is not strange to Corporate clients. With three huge conference halls, the demand for conferences has also ascended 3 folds now!!


Your hunt for an exceptional fort or palace to book your wedding destination ends at Neemrana Fort-Palace. This place is even more incredible than the photographs illustrates! There are prehistoric, pastoral areas perfect for open-air garden settings in a fort wedding and at the same time this palace includes interiors that are perfect for a palace wedding. At present, the palace also has a Roman amphitheatre which can accommodate up to 200 people, hanging gardens in addition to the wide-ranging locations for day/night functions, palace weddings, fort weddings within Delhi that are hard to bout for their enchantment.

Neemrana Spa:

Healthier body, mind and soul, when suitably harmonized with a nourishing experience are always embraced with positivity. Sansha’s fundamental viewpoint at the Neemrana Spa is that, it’s an existence spa which would unavoidably assist the guest to access and release the concealed treasury of energy. This 3875 sq ft peaceful spa jaunt as a “state of art” fitness center wit all equipments, open-air sunlight-spectrum yoga, meditation not including the broad display of refreshing therapies, body treatments & polishes & exfoliation, a unification of which would truthfully rouse the senses and calm down the anxious mind. The Spa at Neemrana Fort-Palace possess 5 completely-outfitted treatment rooms and 3 steam rooms with a cosmic assortment of body pampering treatments for example, radiating body polishes & wraps, body scrubs, special facial treatments and complete body packages. The other speciality of this spa is the relieving Ayurvedic therapies entirely planned to detox. The calming Shirodhara, the comforting Abyanga and the chakra Dhara carry the senses to a state of heavenly gratification. Sansha spa really takes lavishness and excellence to the next level. Iridescent candle lights, the sweet-smelling oils, the calming smell of newly plucked flowers assists the guests undertake a trip of eventual stillness accompanied with elite pampering. Sansha trusts in offering the most excellent to its Guests. Hence, it fabricates an atmosphere similar to heaven-on-Earth that is certainly an unforgettable experience.

Other activities:

Everything about Neemrana is exclusive. There are colourful cultural performances prearranged by the Neemrana Music Foundation on weekends. This makes Neemrana Fort-Palace a perfect spot in the midst of other places in close proximity to Delhi. Above and beyond, India’s foremost musicians, dancers, overseas artistes have also performed here. Neemrana is an inimitable place that offers a broad variety of activities like multimedia tours, camel cart rides, classic car rides and a breathtaking zipping exploration!

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