Hotel Savista

Hotel Savista, Jaipur

Savista, a four star hotel in Jaipur is a serene haven that is isolated from the hectic interweave of pink city. Cuddled up in the countryside of Rajasthan, this land of a “Kacchawa Rajput” chief amalgamates the sumptuousness of a conventional Haveli with the modern culture of ecological stay. Hotel Savista, a luxury hotel in Jaipur possesses complete facilities to meet all the voyage requirements of the travelers within Jaipur. Also, the guests can explore the tranquility and serenity of the panorama around this luxury hotel in Jaipur.  At Savista, a famous budget hotel in Jaipur, you will be treated as a special guest. This 4 star hotel awaits you to amend your approach on the subject of travel and stay in Jaipur.

Location and Access:

Savista, a luxury hotel in Jaipur is placed on the outer reaches of pink city on the National Highway 8 off the “Jaipur-Ajmer Road”. Hotel Savista can be reached within is a ½ hr drive from Jaipur Airport, Jaipur Bus stand, Railway station and other major sightseeing spots in Jaipur.

Accommodations at Hotel Savista:
Savista, a 4 star hotel in Jaipur grants 16 tastefully planned and relaxed rooms to make the guests feel royal and extraordinary. The 16 hotel rooms have fitted bathrooms along with the shower areas. The hotel rooms have air-conditioning facility and also have heater for winter season. Some hotel rooms also have fireplace to warm up in the night. Each hotel room has either an attached terrace or a private vestibule. The hotel rooms at Savista are idiosyncratically planned with a blend of hand-made traditional and contemporary furniture. The hotel rooms are festooned with specially selected artifacts and fabrics in the vivacious shades of Rajasthan. Every room in Hotel Savista has an exclusive theme. Each room is given a special name that represents the natural world

The Hotel Rooms are mainly classified into 2 categories:

Premium rooms and Superior rooms.
Premium Rooms:
•    Khejri: The yellow & green shades of Khejri, the vital tree of Rajasthan have uncovered its reverberation in this bright room placed on the 1st floor of the hotel. A warm hearth, historic teak furniture, a terrace suspended above the pool and casements in front of the fields are some of the interesting aspects of Kehjri.

•    Kesar: This room overlooks the mounting sun and lush garden with a king-sized bed and a huge neighboring foyer.

•    Lapis Lazuli: The interior decoration of this room is a unique medley of diverse blue shades that are harmonized with an old-fashioned Rajasthani “king-sized” divan and ornately engraved closet.

•    Jasmine: Jasmine is a huge room placed on the top level. The absolute pallid furnishings and scent of jasmine matches with the deep copper shades of the 4poster king bed, and time-honored Rajasthani furnishings. Jasmine is a superb option for newly married couples.

•    Indigo: Indigo has a combination of contemporary “wrought-iron” and time-honored wooden furnishings. Indigo is placed on the top level of the hotel.

•    Nimbuda: Nimbuda is a huge tubular area on the lower floor of the hotel. It has contemporary interior decoration and pleasing lime green furnishings. The green shade of the room blends flawlessly with the incandescent green scenery that reaches to the 2 huge French windows and several other smaller casements.

•    Gulaabo: Gulaabo is a huge chilly room on the lower floor. This room rejoices the pink theme of Jaipur and its “block-printing” craft that can be observed in both the antique furniture and supple fixtures. The huge French windows of this room are positioned in front of the wheat & maize fields and verdant gardens.

•    Mayura: The Mayura rooms are created in the shades of the peacock. The name harmonizes with the green manually-painted furnishings in this guest room.

Superior Rooms:
•    Bhaskara: Bhaskara is basically one of the numerous Sanskrit names of the sun. The silvery white & brilliant yellow hues are the reverences to the moon and sun. This large room has contemporary furnishings with a wrought-iron king-size bed to relax.

•    Parijat: The flower Parijat is distinguished in Indian myths. This sweet-smelling Parijat flower is the theme for this garden guest room. A huge mango tree that is in front of Parijat also add to the outset of the interior decoration which is a blend of shimmering magenta, yellow and pink balanced by the silver grey shade. Parijat is the sole twin bedroom of Savista, a 4 star hotel in Jaipur.

•    Kachnaar: This room is named after Kachnaar tree flower. This small comfy top level room with king-size bed has cute furnishings with mirror-work embroidery in dazzling hues of bright pink and red. This room is suspended between the huge outdoors.

•    Terracotta: Terracotta is a large room along the pool-side. This room has French windows that open up to a verdant arbor of ‘karanji trees’. The interior decoration is a combination of dyed and wood-imprinted old-fashioned Rajasthani furniture that are in brick-red and orange colors counterbalanced by luminous blue color.

•    Gulmohur: Gulmohur has warm mustard and orange furnishings. The colors are imitated in the ‘hand-painted’ flowers of the conventional Rajasthani diwans and closets.

•    Sujalam: Sujalam is an old river that once streamed beside the Savista manor. This room overlooks the theatrical woody narrow valley of this old river. Sujalam has a plain double-bed with a blend of contemporary and ancient Rajasthani furnishings.

Dining facilities:
Hotel savista, one of the best luxury hotels in Jaipur has a restaurant called the Runaway Prince.
The Runaway Prince: This restaurant serves simple, yet delicious food. The cuisine combines both South and North Indian along with the vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine. The food is prepared with fresh vegetables & authentic Spices that are got from the nearby ranches. Your order will be cooked by the neighboring Chef’s from Sanjahria & Begas Township. The guests can enjoy their Breakfast under the beautiful awning of the trees. You can choose your Lunch & dinner to be served in the dining room or in the outdoor in keeping with the climatic conditions.

Bar Lounge: The bar along with its crackling hearth grants an unconventional communal locale on the chilly evenings.

Savista, a 4 star hotel in Jaipur is always delighted to put up the nutritional restrictions and choices of its guests. The restaurant staff can happily modify your meals according to your requirements.

Spare time Activities at Hotel Savista:
Being a special guest at Hotel Savista, the sprawling land area of this 4 star hotel is all left to the curiosity of the guests until they stay. Guests can discover the wonder of nature at this budget hotel in Jaipur.  This luxury hotel is glad to organize an assortment of leisure time activities such as, a yoga class on the roof-top of the Haveli, a cooking class to learn traditional Rajasthani cooking or any other desired Indian dish or a guided hiking discovery of the 82 rare & exotic bird species.
The various spare time activities offered at Hotel Savista are listed below:
•    Sightseeing
•    Camel ride
•    Yoga and meditation classes
•    Tennis court
•    Gymnasium
•    Bird watching
•    Detox programs
•    Library
•    Massage at Spa

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