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The toll of rape cases started to take a hike in the past years, raising a question on the safety of women. The recent Delhi gang-rape case has disturbed each an every citizen of the country; the brutal act has terrified women. Anger and revolt have come up because of the issue are fresh; people are rebelling and polling and sending requests to the government to take severe action.

Death sentence or Life sentence what should be the punishment?

No punishment can bring that girl back to her healthy life. She is fighting with her pains mentally and physically, She was the sole earner, and her family was dependent, she was a sister a daughter and was just 23 years old, she had a bright future ahead and had a lovely life ahead!
She was a victim of the brutal humans who acted inhumanly and murdered her life in just a matter of hours. Who gave them this right, no other human is responsible for destroying somebody’s life like this and ending somebody’s freedom and power to live.

Why girls are told not to go out, rather than ask the guys to behave and respect the other aspect of society. A woman gives birth to you, and rather than paying respect, abusive comments and actions are what all these rapists think?

Who is a Rapist?

For me a rapist is an immoral valued cruel human being who has lost his senses and humanity, for the sake of God lets’s just forget by what caste region and religion are we divided for a second can we join hands for Humanity? We all are humans and deserve a life in which we dream and live the way we want.

When boys live life their way, why women can not? Because they are terrorized by their male counterparts in home, colonies, offices, schools, roads, markets, etc.

Rather than teaching a girl what to wear and when to come back home, tell the boys that every girl deserved respect

No guy can just walk around comment on a girl and walk away; this is no manly action; this is a cheap and cowardly action. If you are a true man,  you know how to respect a girl, accompany her when it is late, and safely drop her at her place. This society needs morals being infused into the male community and not telling what a female should do. Jaipur youth is agitated and let us not relax back after acting so responsible, let's just keep fighting and let the government get accountable that this is the need of the hour to increase protection and precaution. Let's walk and enlighten the city with the aim and motive for the Safety of Women.

I request each of the youth to join in the Candlelight March this Sunday and enlighten this horrifying society that we are the youth and let us preach the world that respecting Women is the Signature of Being A True Man. The more will be the number of people in the march, the more people and minds will be enlightened; let's make it a mass protest!

stop rape crimes

#Safety for Women, Candle Light March

Venue-Amar Jawaan Jyoti, Janpath, Lal Kothi, Nr Central Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Date and Time-  23/12/2012, Sunday 05:00 PM

Join hands be a part of the Candlelight march and let tell the Criminal that we are together and will not back off easily and will erase out this system of injustice and brutish behavior towards Women.

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