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The Alluring Fashion Week of Rajasthan in Pink city

rajasthan fashion week (RFW) - 2013

The factual nuance of style and fashion in current trend can be noticed in the dramatic Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW). In essence, the Rajasthan fashion week is a burst of color with a charming touch of beauty and glamour. Following the grand revelry of the successful 1st season, the Rajasthan Fashion Week (2013) is currently distinguished as a renowned brand name from corner to corner of Indian fashion industry. In next to no time, RFW is believed to get introduced in the global fashion world as well. The RFW 2013 is also engaged in the world’s most notorious “Fashion TV” in this fresh episode.

The Striking 2nd episode of RFW 2013 in the Pink city of Jaipur:

In the year 2013, RFW successfully enters the 2nd season. Hence, it will observe a great degree of difference with innovative images and new scopes to the Fashion business in India. Without doubt, Rajasthan Fashion Week 2013 is going to be a luxurious three day event that is affluent, profligate and stately fashion experience. This event displays designer clothes and garments through celebrated models and movie stars as the showstoppers. RFW stands as an idiosyncratic brand to consider. Despite the fact that the Pink city of Jaipur has already established itself as an entrenched, opulent holiday spot, the city’s materialization as a major hub for fashion is in progress. In this 2nd season, Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW) is ready to fetch electrifying fashion panorama to the Jaipur starting from May 9th to May 12th, 2013.

What makes RFW inimitable?

As a matter of fact, RFW is premeditated to develop the artistic principles and standards of Fashion. Fashion has a very important role in our life as it is well thought-out to be a great way to eloquence. We all have innate aspiration to look good and feel acknowledged in the society in which we live. RFW is making all efforts to counterpart with the constantly sprouting fondness of the community and varying trends in fashion, style and innovative accessories.

RFW firmly believes that fashion must not be considered as a mere sumptuousness that’s piled up only in the cabinets of the moneyed and celebrities but should also be within the easy access of general public who create the swarm of any civilization. Every one of us yearns for new fashion similar to the prosperous group of people. RFW tries to achieve the goal of making fashion as everyone’s cup of tea! RFW is not just awestruck with the sparkle of well-known designer brands and other artistic flairs of current fashion business. It endeavors to lift up a stage for the budding fashion aspirants and hopeful talents who failed to flourish due to the insufficiency in generous opportunities. This plan of assembling the most excellent talents in fashion industry with the imminent talents makes RFW an exceptional and principled business enterprise in India.

The Ostentatious Business enterprise of RFW

In essence, Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW) is a comprehensive business enterprise that is entirely owned by “Starlite Entertainment” brand in Mumbai. Starlite Entertainment is principally the media, communications and Entertainment Corporation that was originally established by the current Chairman & Managing Director “Mr. Shishupal Singh” before 10 years. The immeasurable hard work of Mr. Shishupal Singh and the unlimited support of the well-built squad of scrupulous and resourceful talents have made RFW as a successful establishment as well as one of the chief enterprises in Media and Entertainment meadow.

Along with its gigantic business enterprise, the Starlite Entertainment is incessantly emerging in height in the creation of television software, movies and also in systematizing and administrating high-level fashion shows. RFW is one of the reputable brands alluring below the limelight of Starlite Entertainment in fashion meadow.

A Few Spotlights of RFW 2013

Generally, the Rajasthan Fashion Week is a platform for famous fashion designers across the country. The top fashion designers will showcase their Fashion compilation for the year 2013 to generate a stylish stadium for editors, buyers and trendsetters at the glorious hotel, the Fairmont in Jaipur. The grand event of RFW also takes account of a fashion and traditional greeting get-together’s, a splendid opening show, a grand offsite show, after-show festivities and imposing culmination festivity at the luxurious sites of the well-known hotel, the Fairmont in Jaipur.

The splendid occasion of RFW 2013 possess a distinctive and lengthy 80 feet ramp enthused from the intercontinental stadium. The pioneering majestic box seats at the show environs will captivate the spectators as they observe the glorious happening. Extremely Professional and celebrated choreographer couple “Tanya and Aparna” will hold the fort of guiding each and every show to excellence.

Ms. Ambika Pillai, the legend from makeup industry is the one who is going to beautify all the top models with her spectacular makeup and hair dressing.

The Proud Designers of RFW

For the most part, around 26 illustrious designers are going to exhibit their fashion compilation in RFW 2013. Padma Shri Ritu Kumar, Vikram Phadnis, Kavita Bhartia, Neeta Lulla, Mandira Wirk, Krishna Dembla, Payal Jain, Ramesh Dembla and Charu Parashar are some of the eminent designers who are geared up to showcase their incredible fashion collections in RFW 2013. The offsite show of RFW 2013 is going to be held between May 9 -12 at the pool area of Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur.

Advisory panel of RFW 2013

The Advisory panel of RFW 2013 consists of great celebrities like, Mr. Govind Shrikhande, the MD of Shoppers Stop, Mr. Pradeep Hirani, the CMD of Kimaya, Ms. Asha Baxi, the Dean and creator of NIFT, Mr. Francis Wacziarg, the renowned advertiser of craft, culture and art) , Mr. Sudhir Dhingra, the CMD of Orient Craft and Mr. Rajiv Arora, the CMD of Amrapali.

The Notorious partners of RFW

The partners of RFW are deep rooted in the world of fashion. They are:

Hotel Fairmont Jaipur :

Fairmont Jaipur is an epic to the unmatched sumptuousness that offers gracefully prearranged rooms, tailored services, fashionable dining choices and awesome holiday experiences to its guests. Fairmont, the best hotel in Jaipur is renowned as an emblem of factual Indian welcoming. This marvelous hotel has been included in the catalog of Globe’s most excellent Novel hotels in the prominent “Condé Nast traveler hot list for the year 2013”.

The Fashion TV :

Fashion TV is a chief international fashion television network that televises the most recent information and reports to more than 7 million communal destinations and 350 million family units globally. Fashion TV is the only international TV network that spotlights exclusively on fashion, latest trends, style and beauty round the clock. It symbolizes modish approach; vibrant stance and latest hip-hop music that are in trend now. Top Models, Celebrities and fashion designers are the trendsetters. Fashion TV is the only TV network that receives “up-to-the-minute” trends and shares them with the spectators.

Bright Outdoor Media Private Limited :

At present, Bright Outdoor Media Private Limited is one of the primary “Out of Home (OOH)” media associations in the country. This company is extending its wings hastily across India. More than 3 decades, Bright Outdoor Media Private Limited have developed massively and documented as a chief service contributor owing to its unrelenting uphill struggle, dedication and honesty.

The Inspiring speech of CEO on the Instigation of RFW 2013 :

During the imposing launch of the second season of Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW), Ms. Shalika Sharma, the CEO and Director of RFW stated that “Following the great victory of the 1st edition of RFW, the 2nd season of Rajasthan Fashion week may observe an immense degree of difference along with its imaginative picture and a novel aspect to the fashion business of India. She also added that Rajasthan Fashion Week will be established as a unique brand name across the world soon.

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