Pink City Submerged in the Vivid Festivals and Merriment of Rajasthan Diwas!!

The Real zest and loveliness of the Pink city cannot be discovered just in one day. It’s a wonderful experience that must be felt and experienced by rote. Rajasthan Diwas is a grand event conducted every year for people who are pleased and proud of being Jaipurites. The citizens of Rajasthan never bother about things that are happening in other places. However, they constantly pray for the harmony, unity and longevity of the world.

Rajasthan is a wonderful state in India that truly lives in accordance with the adage “Atithi Devo Bhava.” An exposed arid region yet lively, vivacious streets with dynamic and hospitable people say “Padharo Mhare Des.” The royal olden times and multihued festivals of Rajasthan with noble monuments and fortresses narrate the stories of the state’s splendid history.

Rajasthan Foundation Day

The energetic citizens of Rajasthan always express their joy each and every day through several different sparkling ways in their life. In any case, they liven up their traditions through grand festivities and celebrations. This year, the people of Rajasthan are geared up to celebrate Rajasthan Diwas in a grand manner throughout the state from March24 to 30, 2013. In essence, Rajasthan Diwas is nothing but the celebration of the “Rajasthan Foundation Day”. This year, Jaipur celebrates the 286th Foundation day of Rajasthan. The Majestic union of the former significant ‘Rajputana’ states into the glorious state of Rajasthan took place in the year 1949 exactly on 30th of March. From that time onwards, 30th of March is celebrated in a grand manner every year as Rajasthan Diwas.

Contribution of Rajasthan Tourism Department

The Tourism department of Rajasthan will organize various cultural events on the eve of Rajasthan Diwas at crucial tourist destinations of Jaipur for public to enjoy. With Rajasthan budding into a likely victor in the tourism industry, Rajasthan Government continues to include innovative magnetisms to its list of carnivals at the same time as revitalizing the cosmic array of Rajasthani Craft, Folk art, Music and Dance.

Significance of Rajasthan Diwas

Every year, Rajasthan Diwas is celebrated with a great endeavor to exhibit the marvelous heritage, tradition and culture of Rajasthan. In essence, this fabulous festival is celebrated in a classy manner to offer a new lease of life to the time-honored cuisines, folk-arts, culture, arts and sports. Since 2010, there have been 19 Padma Bhushans, 44 Padma Shris and 6 Padma Vibhushans awardees from the state of Rajasthan.

The Splendid Festivals and High-spirits of the people

Every year, Rajasthan Diwas, the mammoth celebration will commence on 21st March with the illumination of the brilliant “Rajasthan Diwas” flame at “Albert Hall” in Jaipur in the midst of the people’s cheering for the colossal congregation of important persons and celebrities. Usually, the major function of Rajasthan Diwas is conducted in the Pink city of Jaipur with weeklong festivities along with an assortment of events to tribute the Rajasthan Diwas in the year 2013. This day is renowned and celebrated to tag along the long-established traditions and ethnicity of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Diwas is a wonderful day of celebration for the Jaipurites. They are wide awake to the sprinkles of fragrant ‘Santoor’ chased by the “Power & Action Packed” performances of the entertainers in various plays.

You cannot find any other festival that is so electrifying with the charisma and hilarity of both adults and children. Every evening, there will be grand live concerts and cultural shows in the pleasing atmosphere of the stately Amer Fort, Albert Hall and other equally attention-grabbing areas to amuse people all over the celebrations. An array of cultural programs that ranges from orthodox dance & music performances, Bollywood celebrity evening to Ghazal evening would be held during the Rajasthan Diwas celebrations in Jaipur. Residents and travelers would get a great opportunity to enjoy the splendid performances of the countrywide illustrious artists such as Ajmat, Sharib, Toshi, and other well-known folk artistes of Rajasthan who are also the ‘immaculate stars’ of the group of famous personalities in their individual fields.

Rajasthan Diwas Gala 2013

On March 30th, 2013, the entire Pink City observed a huge cultural burlesque on the street sides where numerous folk dance and music performances were held all over the city. Akin to the annual celebrations of Rajasthan Diwas, this year, Jaipur experienced enormous cultural events and celebrations on March 30th as a component of the Rajasthan Foundation Day revelries. Throughout the day, numerous cultural events were conducted at the most important places in Jaipur such as, Albert Hall, Amer Palace, Statue Circle and Hawa Mahal.

Some spotlights of the events are listed below

Lip smacking Food Fiesta :

The “Food & Craft Mela” that was organized by the Tourism Department of Rajasthan on the eve of Rajasthan Diwas got off the ground from March 24, 2013 and continued till 31st March, 2013. The Food & Craft fair was a major element of the Rajasthan Foundation Day Celebrations and was held at the “Shilp Gram in JKK”. The Food show helped the spectators to enjoy and taste the authentic Rajasthan culinary together with the extraordinary cultural feast by means of diverse folk performances. Some of the food items that will provoke the taste buds of people would be the delicious Mewari, Marwari, Dundhari, Hadoti, Punjabi and Brij that are displayed in the magnificent Food fair on Rajasthan Diwas.

Unparalleled Craft Variety stores :

The Startling Craft bazaars displayed the handicrafts, Art forms, Prints and Textiles, Pottery items, Embroidery fabrics, beautifully designed carpets and Metal & Wood works from various provinces of Rajasthan. All these craft items were the key magnetism for the tourists and local residents of Rajasthan for the period of weeklong merriments of Rajasthan Diwas.

Artistic Contests for Children :

With the kind intention of enlightening the young children on the subject of the magnificence and legacy Rajasthan, topic-based contests such as, quiz, debates, Essay-writing, painting and drawing were organized in the Pink city during the Rajasthan Diwas festivities. In the interim, district level competitions such as, rural sports, cultural programs contests and painting were also organized. To boot, street dramas and plays were also organized at various places of Jaipur.

Sneak peek into the “Eye-catching” Night Bazaar :

The Night Bazaar, that is put on show (every evening till midnight) is one of the unique aspects of Rajasthan the Diwas celebrations. During the hours of darkness, the market place will illuminate like you have never seen before in any other festival in your life. A huge collection of shoppers’ stuff that ranges from multihued clothes, traditional handicrafts, Carpets, Potteries, globally renowned blankets, quilts and sparkling jewelry to regular household supplies will guarantee a unique shopping experience beyond the mind's eye of the tourists and Jaipur residents.

Fabulous Cultural Events by Celebrities :

Among countless cultural events, few cultural programs are most anticipated by the people every year. They are: Ms. Parnia Qureshi’s unmatched Kuchupudi & Kathak dance performances and Langa’s & Maganiyar’s Melodic treat. Despite the fact that Ms. Parnia Qureshi is an artist, entrepreneur and fashion designer, the Langa & Manganiar are a specific group of people in Rajasthan who are famous for their classical folk music. The Langa & Manganiar took all the spectators to a fantasy land with the help of the ancient classical instruments like Dholak, Kamaycha and Khartaal.

The evening observed a mammoth cultural twilight where a huge numbers of overseas and domestic visitors in addition to the Jaipurites enjoyed the extraordinary Kuchipudi dance performance offered by well-known Pernia Qureshi and a fusion performance by the artistic Kathak dancers and eminent Mangniyar & Langa entertainers. In addition, the earlier week also observed some illustrious theater performances such as “Dafa 292” directed by ‘Anoop Trevedi’ and “Dudha” that was directed by ‘Sabir Khan’ at the renowned “Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK)”.

Other Incredible Cultural performances :

In the same way, other extravagant cultural performances also captivated the viewers. The Chakri dance and Puppet show held at Jal Mahal Ki were mind-blowing. The overseas travelers were excited to watch the Tribal dance and Folk song performances held at Albert Hall. At the Statue Circle, the famous Gair dance and Chakri dance performances were observed by a lot of people. Audience at Hawa Mahal was able to watch the honeyed music of the Shehnai. All these cultural performances were held from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The popular “Ravan Hatta” and “Khartal Vadan” were played at the renowned Amer Mahal. Approximately, 71 talented artists took part in the spectacular cultural performances on Rajasthani Diwas.

The Message of Rajasthan Chief Minister to Citizens on the eve of Rajasthan Diwas

The Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, “Shri Ashok Gehlot” encouraged the citizens of the State to take part in the grand celebrations of Rajasthan Diwas. In his message, he stated that by having a magnificent history, Rajasthan has coupled with principal states of India owing to its well-organized financial administration. Also, the Chief Minister greeted all the citizens of Rajasthan to join hands to create a new Rajasthan. He requested people to take part in the endeavors carried out by the “State Government of Rajasthan” for the opulence of the State in order to make the dream of creating a new Rajasthan into true.

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