Pink city rejoices Jairangam Theatre 2013

Jaipur will be launched to the globe of theatre and observe the talented performances of the most excellent of the Artists, Playwrights and Directors of global reputation. Anticipate the most thrilling theatre celebration in Jaipur! The Art & theatre aficionados of Jaipur will take pleasure in the globe of theatre and observe the performances of the best of the best. “Jairangam 2013” – the renowned Theatre Festival is the most thrilling, ground-breaking event that is scheduled in Pink city starting from December 15th to 21th, 2013. This countywide theatre festival is to endorse the cultural, enlightening and financial happiness of the Jaipurites. The theatre carnival is devoted to “Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore”. Jairangam thirteen is associating over 750 and much more performers from all over India.

The talented artists who are going to perform in this theatre festival had staged their incredible shows all over the world. All the artists are well acknowledged as celebrated theatre characters even for the foreigners. The plays that are planned to be staged from outside Jaipur in the festival shall embrace lots of documented plays.

The “Jairangam 2013”, the famous Jaipur Theatre Festival captivates the people of Jaipur with the performances by the well-known artists, dramatists and directors of global reputation. The carnival amasses a variety of theatre conventions and cultures beneath single covering. This theatre festival is going to be held for a whole week in both Ravindra Manch and Jawahar Kala Kendra.

Plays and Theatre Agenda in Jawahar Kala Kendra:

December 16th: The famous spoof “Ek Tha Gadha urf Alaadaad Khan” that was written by ‘Sharad Joshi’ and directed by Mr. Ashok Rahi is a very funny send-up that is with reference to a bad-tempered monarch of a small township.

December 17th: “A fair affair” directed by Mr. Pritesh Sodha and written by Mr. Sameer Garud is a romantic love story of 2 couples and about the misinterpretations that occur among them.

December 18th: The play called “Khoon Ka Rishta” written by Mr. Bheesham Sahni and directed by Ms. Sunita Tiwari Nagpal, is a story of deprived man who lives with his elder brother.

December 19th: The “Ek Machuaare Ki Kahani” is a story that is derived from a renowned folk tale about a fisherman and his issues. This story is written and directed by Mr. Tapan Bhatt.

December 20th: Being Written by Mr. Vasant Sabnis and directed by Mr. Laeeq Hussain, “Saiyya Bhaiyya Kotwaal” is a great play as well.

Plays and Theatre Agenda in Ravindra Manch:

December 15th: A solo show by Lushin Dubey, Untitled” was Written by Mr. Vijaidan Detha & Mr. Dorio Fo. This movie was directed by Mr. Arvind Gaur.

December 16th: “Museum of Species In Danger” was directed by Ms. Rasika Aghashe. It is a drama rooted in women problems.

December 17th: “Genuine Liars” is written and directed by Mr. Happy Ranjit. This is a play rooted in ancient dispute of parity and independence among men and women.

December 18th: “Khala Kamaal Ki” that is written by Mr. Rafi Shabbir is directed by Mr. Farukh Sher Khan. This is a story of an aged woman who has her life’s goal of helping people.

December 19th: The play “Hibakusha” that was written by Mr. Ernest Ferlita and directed by Rashi Bunny is an emotional tale of a family that battles against the

terrible reminiscences of an atrocious act that not only distorted a country but also the planet.

December 20th: The famous “Ramleela” written by Mr. Rakesh and directed by Mr. Ramsahai Pareek is not anchored in a legendary tale but in its place the writer has employed a fabulous tale to describe the brutality of life.

December 21st: “Ambedkar aur Gandhi” that was written by Mr. Rajesh kumar and directed by Mr. Arvind Gaur is a play that brings the extensive dispute between Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhiji.

December 22nd: The play called “Massage” written by Mr. Vijay Tendulkar was directed by Mr. Harbans Singh. It is a very funny monologue where Rakesh Bedi represents more than a few personalities that are brilliantly performed as the play steps forwad.

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