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Picasso Animation College, Jaipur

Picasso Animation College

Tonk Road, Jaipur Campus Vaishali Nagar Campus
602, 6th Floor, Ganga Heights,
Tonk Road, Jaipur- 302015.
Contact No. – 0141-5141300/400/500.
Mobile No. – 9667200333.
 471-472, Hanuman Nagar Extn.,
Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021
Contact No. – 0141-5141300/400/500
Mobile No. – 9667200333/999

The famous Picasso Animation College in Jaipur was established by Mr. Rittesh Beotra. From the time of its commencement (in 2009), this college has acquired its name as a prophet in Animation edification and has been conveying quality education in accordance with the world standards. Picasso Animation College is in the 4th year of its successful administration. This college offers the most favourable milieu for the students, as they work on numerous projects at the same time as teaching a range of Animation and film making facets. The main aspect of the Picasso Animation College is that it has Jaipur’s primary 3D Animation Studio & Clay Studio where the graduates receive realistic and sensible training under the leadership of animation industry’s most excellent personnel in pink city of Jaipur.

Overall College facilities:

The college facilities have been intended by considering the imaginative and inspired students. The classrooms are quite roomy. The studios are set with industry associated software & hardware. Both PC & MAC computer labs bestow a prolific learning ambiance. The college possesses its own library resource centre, student arcade, canteen, and much more. Academic programs are warily planned with the support and involvement of members of the professional group of people. Further, the core curriculum is evaluated by college faculty and industry experts to congregate the requirements of the varying marketplace to train the students for entry level position in their preferred area of expertise.

Excellent features of Picasso Animation College, Jaipur?

Courses offered:

At all times, the Picasso Animation College has been in the vanguard of novelty in bestowing best educational courses to its students owing to its global enlightening milieu. Since animation talent is highly required in animation studios and some other industries, it is chiefly classifies as an expertise skill. At present, all employers generally expect that the arriving faculty should be imaginatively oriented to convey the most excellent productivity and have to be an expert in explicit areas of skill that are essential on the creative industry. Hence, the set of courses at Picasso Animation College is planned in such a way that a student will get methodical foundation; specialized training and valid certification in his/her preferred field. The faculty at the college helps all students on their field depending upon their skill. The course programs are premeditated to offer all students a general education in Pre-production, 2D Animation & 3D Animation in addition to the visual effects. The major aim of the courses and curriculum is to offer students an intense revelation to all the major subjects such as 2D, 3D and all most important software packages by well-formed 2D & 3D experts who possess an intense knowledge in the field of animation.

College grounds:

The Picasso Animation College campus comprises large and completely air-conditioned classrooms with modernized screen and projectors for the convenience of the students. The college campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled. Also, the college center has fully air-conditioned auditorium that can accommodate up to 60 people at once. This auditorium is used for performing workshops and seminars. The college also has completely A/C conference room, Library and 3D Animation Studio Lab in tandem with the resource hub.

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