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Book Shopping and Book Reading in Jaipur

Book Shopping and Book Reading in Jaipur

Words implying beautiful thoughts create miracles for a lifetime. Books as we say are the best partner of life. What is literature? From where does it come? Although these questions don’t have a precise and accurate answer yet but the fact remains unchanged till man’s existence will be their literature will have its essence. Jaipur Literature festival has set the whole Jaipur on fire about the love for literature. The most interesting and amazing thought about the youth is that besides being career conscious they are also developing a keen interest towards literature. From past some years the Jaipur youth are going with the magical flow of literature in form of books. This trend is not new for Jaipurites. This is our very own culture which we have adopted from our traditions.

History of Jaipur and Literature –

Foundation stone of Jaipur was 1st laid by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, in the year 1727. He was a scholar in mathematics, astronomy and architecture. He had his keen interests in Vastu Shastra. Just because of his extraordinary qualities and knowledge he was capable of bringing JAIPUR- a planned city into existence. Jantar – Mantar is also a lively example of world heritage before us. On Statue Circle there is a life-sized effigy of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. This clearly reflects that who can better know the importance and respect for books and literature. Not only in Jaipur in our whole Motherland – India teaches us the significance and to respect the books. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh with construction of City Palace also raised up a library with it. The books and scriptures were also an important base laid down in the growth of economy and in the governance of the province. Today in front of the Tripolia Gate there is a famous place named as Chaura Rasta which is popular as books market. The old and historical Man Singh Library depicts the book love of the place. Jaipur is one of those cities which were planned according to so many sciences which were new and not so popular at that time, to say astronomy and Vastu. Today all houses and offices almost everything is made according to it. Check out the market you’ll get a hundred of books and scriptures on these topics. Books love is a trend which will never end.

Jaipur is one of the best destinations for book – shopping. Here a whole place is famous for books. The market is full of every type of books whether it is national or international level. You need to mention your taste and you go with the book of your choice. Every now and then book fair and book festivals are organized in which many people participate with enthusiasm. Al type of stationary and books for students for school, college and competitions are available on Chaura Rasta. Here you also get all type of literature books but you avail the best at ‘Crossworld’ and ‘Hindi Vidya Bhawan’.

Famous Book Stores of Jaipur :

C-scheme – Crossworld, Krishna Book Depot ; Jothwara – Crossworld, Shivshakti Book Store ; Rajapark – Hill view Book Gallary ; JLN Marg – Bookman Associates ; Sindhi Camp – Universal Book House, Granth Yash ; Malviya Nagar – Kamal Books & Stationers, Book Café ; Bapu Nagar – Royal Book Store, Vani Mandir, Best Book World ; Anandpuri – Misceen Book Depot ; Vidhyadhar Nagar – Hindi Vidhya Bhawan Book Depot ; Hassanpura – Modi Stationers & Book Store ; Chaura Rasta – Navratan Book Seller, Shivshankar Book Depot, Shri Shyam Pustak Mandir, Rajkali Dev Vimal Book Corner, Sunita Publications, The Usha Book Store, Student Book Company, Ishvarlal Book Seller, Sharma Pustak Bhandar, Raj Pustak Mandir, Sharma Book Depot, Ramesh Book Center, Sanjeev Book Depot, Sharma Book Centre, Unique Books ; Chandpol – Jain Books and Stationers, S.N Prakashan ; Johri Bazar – Sevaram Tadkeshwar Book Store ; Nehru Nagar – Jainpriya Book Seller ; Barkat Nagar – Maruti Paper Product ; Bajaj Nagar – Shriram Pustak bhandar ; Shastri Nagar – Gupta Books & Stationers ; Durgapura – Mangaldeep Book Store ; Ajmer Road – Ritika Book House, Vishwa Books ; Tonk Road – Swastik Book Shop ; Tonk Fatak – Book Shop ; Civil Lines – Barwara Book House ; Khatipura – Om Book Store .

Famous Libraries in Jaipur

City Palace – Pothikhana ; Albert Hall library ; JLN Marg – Radhakrishnan Library ; Chaura Rasta – Rajkiya Maharaja Public Library ; Polovictory – Om Shanti Osho Library ; Sethi Colony – Shri Sanmati Library ; Malviya Nagar – Prakart Bharti Academy ; Chitrakoot Marg – Mind Gym Kids Library ; Gopalbadi – Shubham Readers Paradise .

Hope we helped you a lot in your addiction of books and in your book shopping. Wish you luck.

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