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NIMS University, JaipurWith the growing advancement, the planet earth is grown with the requirement of the medical students serving the humankind. Medical colleges serve the same purpose which is these days the important and foremost institutions in the field of education. Talking about our city, Jaipur ensures the availability and importance of the medical education by many medical institutions served to the students interested in the filed of medical. One such institute in the city is named as NIMS University. NIMS University is recognized by UGC established under the NIMS UNIVERSITY ACT 2008 by the government of India.

NIMS University is a proud university in the category of the Jaipur University filled with dignity and honor serving to the mankind. NIMS University is founded and owned by one of the famous scientist Professor Dr. Balvir S. Tomar. balvir s. tomar is one famous personality of the nation who is a former professor, head ad director of institute of pediatric gastroenterology and S.M.S medical college. This renowned person is rewarded by various international and national level fellowships and awards. He is one idol name in the field of medical who is a member of international and national level medical societies like ASPGN, APPSPGAN, ISPGN, and GAI & IAP. All his achievements cannot be described under one article, a book on his name will serve his achievements. With his hands on the head of the university, NIMS University has touched the heights of success not only financially but socially which contributes highest to the medical responsibilities in the society.

Talking about the university, NIMS University offers the following courses under graduate, post graduate and doctorate:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Paramedical
  • Management
  • Engineering and Advanced Engineering
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Humanities and Social Science

The university offers the contemporary courses in the filed of fashion technology, journalism, hotel management and civil aviation. The university offers the services of distance learning to the interested students overseas and domestic. Loans and scholarships by the university is one breathe relieving value provided by the university to ensure that the deserving students do not miss any chance towards the success of their career and serving other people. the campus facilities includes hostels for boys and girls, dining hall, filtered water with chiller, modern rooms, cultural events, functions and festivals, sports activities, 24-hour ATM, multi-specialty hospital, ambulance and first-aid, debates and quizzes, open gardens, jogging tracks, seminars and conferences, auditorium, grocery shop, cafeteria and restaurant, library and reading rooms, transportation facility, modern laundry services and broadband connection along with Wi-Fi. It’s just not the facilities of the university which attracts the students, rather the jobs associated with the university. NIMS University is itself a destination of the hospital which ensures full security and assurance of job in their hospital. Rather, the university provides the job services to the other medical students other than NIMS University.

Medical field in itself talks about serving nation and every individual with excellence and dignity. NIMS endure the promising culture by every student toward serving ill people to their best and never compromising with their health issues. NIMS never aims on misusing the ill people financially and throb them under depth leading to depression and dissatisfaction of the patients. NIMS have never been a part of any controversy regarding the health issues or over financial demand by the patients; rather they promise the best services and values to the patients up to their expectations leaving the essence of happiness and harmony. NIMS Jaipur University is located on Shobha Nagar, Delhi-jaipur expressway. NIMS Jaipur university ensures the secure future and career to the dedicated students who seriously study and work hard for their successful life ahead which includes serving the ill people which helps in achieving great fortune for ahead.

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