Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University

Women University Jaipur

Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University Jaipur

Women University JaipurJayoti vidyapeeth women’s university is titled as the first private public women’s University in India. The founder of the university “Dr. Panckaj Garg” has been found the youngest founder of the university.

The vision of the university talks about excellence in education, Research, professional training in technical and medicinal fields and ensuring the leading women champions to advance with the spirit of enterprise and desire to excel. In the world race, the women are no less than men in every field. The only requirement is “push”, a push to excel and master women in every source. The university works on the same goal providing the best experience to transform the students into the world champions. The university provides the best services and values so as to enable the professional strength and ethics to beat every challenge in the world. Why should only men contribute in the educational development of community? Why not women? This phrase shares the mission of the university as, “EDUCATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT” and let the women rule the world as cultural envoy carrying enough potential to challenge and fight the injustice against women.

The Women University Jaipur was established on April 21, 2008 under the act 17 of 2008 passed by Rajasthan State Legislature and letting the women talks to the tomorrow’s world with effective personality and ability to transform their bad into good. The fact tells us that the university also provides the distance education system to women at any door step followed by open and virtual learning. The programs by the university include more than 30 programs resulting in the degrees of bachelors, masters, doctoral and certificate diplomas. Other than local students, the students are provided with accommodation facility which includes air-cooled and conditioned hostels, Wi-Fi connection, laundry, and gymnasium with outing facility. The campus of the university includes the bank and ATM in case of emergencies and finance support.

It has been noticed that students while studying in Women Universities face many day to day problems but feel uncomfortable to discuss it with staff members. But Jayoti Vidyapeeth University encourages the students to share their problems and queries directly to the founder of the university with his nominees and ensures the best solution out of it. The program is known as “Samiksha Desk”. The other platform developed to pitch the voice of students is Jayoti sangh in which the deserving femme are appointed as representatives of the entire population of university and act as bridge between the admin and the students of university.

When in confusion, the university provides the admission counseling which deals with admission networks and other associates important information about the university. The students and parents what another most important thing look for university is their placement tie-ups. As students, the selection of university mainly depend on the placements that the university promises the students. Every student after graduation wants to work for best firms and gain experience in their desired field. Jayoti Vidyapeeth University ensures the best placements with biggest firms of not only state but nation. Some of the big alliances are: union bank, TATA, LIC, Genpact, Escorts, Indus Entrepreneur, Allegis group, CISCO, Coca-Cola, Kotak, IBM, Tam Indus, ITC limited, ICICI prudential, HDFC bank, Bank of baroda, Infosys, Microsoft, Minda, Unicon, HCL, ORACLE and many more. The corporate tie-ups include more than 50 alliances promising the best experience and package to the graduates.

This Women University Jaipur is like the refreshing air to all the women wanting to study in the environment full of enthusiasm and spirit of learning new things. This is the first step to the success of your career. As said, the first stair to success is difficult to find, rest is to be followed. This is your fist stair to success.

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