Anveshan bringing purest form of food

Two years back, Anveshan started with the vision to empowering and increase farmers' income. How? by adding value to farmers' produce, eradicating heavy food processing in whichever way possible. Thus, spreading a true sense of “dadi ke haath ke khane ka swaad”. India, the land of festivals, and its people enjoy eating a variety of dishes with the fragrance of desi ghee. Even the entire family, including Grandma, prepares sweets at home, which only happens in India, as a part of its rich culture and heritage. Although chocolates and heavily processed foods are replacing traditional food habits, Indians and some of the western world are returning to India's own old-styled food culture.

Bring joy to your family, friends, and farmers this Diwali

Anveshan has considered bringing the old time back by reviving India's traditions of nutritious recipes. Anveshan's Diwali gift box is a thoughtful mix of health and taste with the best of all the blessings of farmers. The pinkcity team recommends Anveshan's gifts to its visitors to improve lives and bring employment, empowerment, and happiness to hundreds of our farmers. The farmer families handcraft the boxes in which you may find items like savory dry fruits roasted in A2 ghee, healthy dry fruit sweets, organic roasted seeds, famous A2 Desi Cow Ghee, and so much more! team appreciates Anveshan's vision of creating jobs in villages and providing authentic Indian food. They offer a much-needed platform to bridge the gap between farmers and end consumers. It was informed that they have 15 working units in 7 states working with more than 4500 farmers. Features

  • High-quality, tasty food products are prepared traditionally for all.
  • Easy customization according to your budget
  • Premium Packaging
  • Farm-fresh products for optimal health
  • Seamless delivery options

With the meta platform, the company ensures that products reach the end customers. They are also making efforts towards producing products such as wood-pressed oils, desi ghee, raw honey, stone-ground spices, and superfood seeds.

Anveshan flavored Delicious Raw Honey

  • 100% made by bees sourced by local beekeepers
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sieve filtered
  • Lab-tested
  • Its flavors include Litchi, Eucalyptus, Jamun, Multi Floral

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