Tonga Ride in Pink City

The alternate name of Jaipur is Pink City. It is because this old city is painted Pink. The Pink color makes the city look more beautiful and it let the people attracts towards to the perfect combination of the city with color and its traditional beauty. Jaipur embraces a royal past drenched completely in extravagance. The city possesses many lavish palaces including several legends, enchanting travelers and localities as well. The city is well known for its monuments, palaces, forts, temples and gardens. All these places are the bookmarks of the erstwhile traditional era, where royalty was once lived with complete power.

To ride on the luxuries of Jaipur, whether it is a camel ride, a horse ride, Tonga Ride or a elephant ride; all are full of fun and experience on some of the ancient modes of transportation.

The excitement to ride on the earliest modes of transportation and the fun which one can have is just amazing. The bygone luxuries such as camel, a horse drawn Tonga or an elephant are the best examples of that time. Nowadays, people love to have a ride in these modes of transportation. One can have a round of the whole village in style, seeing the beautiful sights all around. It is hard to resist taking a drive on any one of these or on all. The Tonga entered in Indian culture through the traders of East India Company in the 18th century. Earlier these modes were used only as a luxury but later it became a part of common man’s life. These modes are still used for the entertainment rides in many Indian cities.

A Tonga is a carriage drawn by light horse and it is used as a mode of transportation. Tongas are used for transportation as they are cheaper than a taxi or rickshaw. In many cities, because of their slow pace, Tongas are not allowed to use on highways. Nowadays, Tongas have become a traditional feature of weddings and several other social functions in many cities. Tonga is usually pulled by two horses though one horse will also be enough in some of the tongas. These are also designed for farm work. The space under the seats is used to place the luggage or the fodder of the horse. In local language coachman is also known as coach-waan. Tongas are used for economic activities to carry goods within the city limits. These are the most common and the cheapest means of transport in urban India until the early 1980’s. Still, Tongas are very common in some parts of the country even auto rickshaws have taken the popularity.

The adventures of tonga riding is quiet interesting and unique. You will have a treasure of memories when you return home. Tonga rides in Jaipur city attract large number of tourist to come to this palace and enjoy a sightseeing view by sitting on tongas. Tonga ride gives tourists the view of the most vibrant culture of Rajasthan and it will tilt their adventure bone towards the culture of Rajasthan. Tonga riding is a great experience to explore the Jaipur City.

This is a palace which one should Visit. Simplicity may be a way of life for some but beautifully built palaces are still a treat to the eyes. If you are such kind of person then Jaipur is ideal place to meet your expectation where a good number of forts and frescoed havelis await your arrival. The tourist can get a chance to live the lifestyle of former royals at one of the palace turned hotels like Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jai Mahal Palace, The Raj Palace Hotel, Samode Palace, Samode Haveli, Raj Mahal Palace, Narain Niwas Palace, Alsisar Haveli and various others.

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