VASTRA – 2012 A Global exposure to Textile Industry

VASTRA – 2012

Pinkcity is the land of culture and tradition with royal heritage of its own. Jaipur is famous for exhibitions and fairs once again came with an innovative idea of bringing all international textile traders at one platform. India being land of handicrafts and artists need some global exposure to showcase their work and culture and that to on such a level was a great step towards the growth of economy and coming up in the league of developed countries. Here not only exhibitions were there but many sessions, talks, conferences, fashion shows were held. One such talk was on pollution too. ‘To the word Pollution there is no possible solution.’ The time has leaped to such a phase where trade sector has to implement environment laws purely and by heart not because of being afraid from the legal action. On Friday in Sitapur Industrial Area presented ‘Vastra 2012’ where issues related to environment pollution and trade were discussed. It was an international and national textile and apparel fair. It was a big exposure event for national textile industries to stand up and showcase themselves in an international level. It was a complete blend of fashion shows, business shows, conferences, traditional textile crafts, business and networking opportunities, international and Indian delegations, buyer- seller meetings and many more. There Member secretary of Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Dr. D.N. Pandey introduced in the gathering that we all follow the environmental laws just not because of being anxious towards it but because of stricture or debt. He also announced that when the foundation stone of all various states Pollution Control Board was laid that time the situation was not so immediate. The scenario was not like today as we are facing. Now the wheel of time is spinning in full motion, we are breathing in such a world where we should look forward for our very own Mother Earth. We should start contributing to the agenda and definitely it will help a lot. For example – in Bhilwara traders have succeeded in recycling 80% of water used. He added that in present they are recycling 50% water and paying off for water tankers. In the manufacturing water re-used can easily salvage the money wasted in it. All over

the world the traders love buy stuff from those people who care for nature and follow the norms by heart not due to stricture in laws. He even promised to bring the pollution level to zero but added that before he starts traders will willingly complete this job. He even asked and requested the traders to use the huge stock of knowledge present in our very own country to manufacture their products. He mentioned that from decades we have been protecting our tradition and culture like Sanganeri print, Tie and dye, Block printing and traditional colours. If we promote them in right way they can set the international market on fire.

In this exhibition the next day was set for sellers and buyers to do their work for which they have been brought straight away to Jaipur – miles away. To attract the customer folk sellers decorated their stalls in amazing, bright, beautiful and eye catchy ways to expose their products. Most of the businessmen were busy dealing with their customers. The starting of the exhibition was a hit one to go. Many were even there to recollect the information regarding presented products. The director of RIICO Mr. Naveen Mahajan told that traders participating here are actually multinational. He said that people attending and participating are from both developed and developing countries. This is how world goes GLOBAL. In ‘Vastra – 2012’ 60 countries and 350 traders are taking part. They include Argentina, Greece, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Denmark, Australia, New-Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, America, China etc. The event was actually the grand welcome for the better and prosperous India. A lady from company named M.S Colel origin of Argentina said sharing her views after meeting many traders and experts that she founded variety of products here back in India and would take back some ready-made garments to her home and she also said that Indian market is somewhat to same to Chinese market and somewhat better in many aspects. And on other hand Vastra fashion show influenced people by the mirror and Zardozi apparels and costumes. Zardozi is a kind of embroidery done in Iran, Pakistan and India. Zardozi has its own significance in Persian that means ‘embroidery with gold thread’. In the Fashion show the blend of Indian fabric and western trend with the mesmerizing music was a whiz-bang. Every company was given a particular time to expose their

products on ramp. On that occasion besides the ramp was a giant and huge screen displaying the company name and address. The companies participated in it were Maharana of India, Aahuja Overseas, Arc Academy, Shilpa and Ratan Glitter industries were major from them. Ratan glitters had their own way as they had everything made up of bright and glittery silver. The M.D of Ratan Glitters said that they are only one in the league. They actually took the wind and created a magical effect on international buyers. Another attraction were the students of Arc Academy who were indulged and inspired by the Rajasthani art with the beautiful and colourful patterns of western style in khakee. It reflected a perfect blend of Indian tradition and western culture. Official partners of Vastra are – Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd., Saint Style Fabrics and Banswara. The state partners are as follows – Government of Gujarat, Government of Haryana and Kerala Handlooms.

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