Traditional Soft Drinks

Rajasthan, the Thar Desert is famous for its hot sun, temperatures above 45 degree Celsius compel you to stay indoors but there are a range of drinks made in Rajasthan that can help you battle the heat. Jaipur does not remain untouched by this weather either. Extreme conditions, sweating and hot waves make a person uncomfortable in this weather. Because it is so hot a person forever remains thirsty, unable to quench his or her thirst. Bottled drinks from the market are unable to do justice to this thirst and immediately after consumption, one feels thirsty again. So that the weather does not create a nuisance for us and we are able to carry out our daily routine, there are quite a few traditional drinks that can be had to satiate the thirst that arises in this season.

Cumin Juice – It prevents pimples, scars, acne, purifies the blood and helps in digestion. Half a teaspoon of cumin should be soaked in water at night to make this drink, and half of this quantity of crystal sugar should also be soaked in water. In the morning, the crystal sugar can be taken out and ground well. Take some mint leaves, wash them and grind them with the cumin. Sieve this mixture with the help of a strainer. Mix the crystal sugar with it. Drink this mixture at least once in a day. Drinking this juice will keep the bod and mind cool and fresh.

Barley or Gram ground and strained Sattu – This can be mixed with crystal sugar and kept. It can be mixed with cold water and had with breakfast. During summer, this will be cooling and relaxing. To beat the heat drink lots of curd, buttermilk and curd products. Coconut water, Sugarcane juice, Pineapple juice, these fresh fruit juices can also reduce the heat and thirst in these summer months for you.

Lime water and sugar – Lime water and sugar, Cumin juice, mint juice, small mango juice, cold milk, these drinks should be consumed during summers, nothing hot should be consumed. Drink ample amount of drinks and water. This will help keep the heat away during summers.

Faalsa Juice – The berry Faalsa is easily available during summers. Just grind the berries with water in a mixer. Even diabetic patients can drink this juice. People who do not have diabetes can mix it with crystal sugar and drink it anywhere, anytime. This will have a cooling effect.

Traditional Thandai – The ingredients for thandai are available in the market- khus khus, watermelon, and muskmelon seeds, rose petals are to be ground well and then mixed with ground almond and sweet cold milk or water. Diabetes patients are to be given this drink without sweet in the milk or water.

Khas Sharbat – Khas Sharbat is particularly good in the summers. It has a great cooling effect on the body and the mind. Khus should be boiled in water then strained. This should be mixed in sugar or crystal sugar and cooled, then filled in a bottle. This precipitate can then be mixed with cold water and had for a refreshing solution to the heat.

Raw mango juice – Raw mango juice is relished by many during summers. If one has this after breakfast and sets out for the day, one cannot be affected by any amounts of heat during the day. Even if one succumbs to the heat, one can just accommodate this juice during dinner and see the results. Likewise, tamarind juice can be taken in the same way with similar effect on the heat.

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