10 Secrets To Avoid Being Overpriced In Jaipur

Avoid Being Overpriced In Jaipur :

Jaipur is considered one good place to shop the apparels and hadicrafs things which can only be manufactured in Rajasthan. From bed sheets to the clothes, everything in jaipur typically embrace the arts and culture filled with rich heritage of jaipur. Many people who travel in the jaipur become shopaholic after gazing the never seen apparels. But that the same time, it’s really important that one is not paying more than the actual selling price of the things.

For that, one need to keep in mind the ten secrets to avoid being overpriced in jaipur:

1. Check For One Apparel In More Than One Shop

More Than One Shop

Look for the type of apparel you want to buy in more than one shop. That helps in realizing the actual cost of the apparel that you wish to buy and then accordingly can choose the right and best one. One can do this thing with other things like handicrafts and bed sheets as well.

2. Local Guide Will Help


It is always better to hire a guide when one is travelling in the jaipur city. They have much knowledge about the shopping prices and best places to shop as well. In this way one can avoid the problem of paying over than the actual price involving the entity one is interested in buying.

3. Always Bargain

BargainBargaining helps a lot in reducing the price of a material that one is buying for. Through bargaining one can even enjoy the material less than the selling price as well. Bargaining provides much benefit for shopaholic people.

4. Before Buying, Check Frequent Price

Check Price

Before buying any thing, one should keep their ears open. One can compare the prices they are offered by the other customers in the shop. This will relatively help in realizing the actual price of the buying thing and make a decision accordingly whether to buy the stuff or not.

5. Before Buying, Reject


Once you select the stuff to buy and told the price of the same, try to reject the same stuff. This makes the shop keeper nervous as he is more interested in selling his stuff, he will automatically start reducing the price of the same.

6. Net Surfing Helps Too


One can search for the best shops that offers the materials at a cheap price. Sometimes, on internet, some shops also avail their price this helps in no amounting of high prices when you go and buy the same thing from the same shop.

7. Check For Shops Selling Same Things

For example if u want you buy a bandej saree, ask for the same saree from different shops with shares the same quality faric and colour involved. This will help in portraying an idea of the range of the price that saree will be available in the market and one can opt for the same in their budget.

8. Ask For Actual Price From Local People


When a tourist is buying any stuff from a shop, one can ensure to ask the amount involved for the same thing from the local people. Local jaipurites have an aggregate idea about the cost of the materials that are sold in their city. In this way, they can avoid paying overpriced.

9. Online Shopping Price

Online Shoping

There are many online jaipur shopping sites available that talks about the material, fabric involved in the same and at the same time provides you with an idea of the price of the same thing. So when you go buying the same, you will be cinfident about the price.

10. After Selecting, Just Leave

One interesting way to avoid overprice tags is to select any material in the shop and when paying, just leave without paying and rejecting the same material you selected. In this way, the shop keeper will want you to take the selected thing on the price you want.


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